Sunday, September 24, 2006

Random thoughts at the end of a rough season

  1. The Magic Number for finishing the season in 2nd place is 7. Woohoo!
  2. Julian Tavarez got the Sox's first complete game win the other night. Some people seem surprised by this - but I'm not.
  3. Is Gordon Edes becoming the next Dan Shaughnessy? This is may be the worst Boston sports article written all year.


  1. A suggestion? We (I) would like more of your thoughts on the Manny article...that he should ask, through his spokesperson, to be traded, right now, at this time, is unfathomable to me. I too envisioned him batting 4th, protecting Papi. He is an unmatched offensive star who can patrol Fenway's left field competantly. Thoughts? And thank you. Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. Well, Edes has been taking shots at Manny for a few years. Clearly there is some animosity there. It probably is tow things - one (as Earl mentioned) is a CHB thing or more specifically a "Boston is a tough market therefore I need hatchet jobs that will get people talking" and secondly as one of the primary beat reporters and frequent columnists covering the team, he is probably frustrated that Manny does not offer up quotes.

    I'm sure we will hear all sorts of talk about trades, but Edes is right - they will likely be offered 40 cents on the dollar for Manny. And as we have already noted here a zillion times, the Sox already need another bat for the 5 hole. If they trade Manny it just gets worse. Plus, all of a sudden Manny is kind of a bargain. sure we have not seen a $20 Million AAV since he signed, but now to land a Carlos Lee or a Soriano, you are starting at $60 MM over 5 years (Konerko money) and my guess is it is more likely $75 MM for five years (there will be some buyers for bats this winter). With Manny you are only committed to $40 MM over tow years and you have the options that are becoming increasingly more valuable.

    But back to the Edes article - I wonder how much truth there is to the spirits in the clubhouse? I could see why someone might be pissed. but then again, manny is friends with a lot of them, so who really knows. If Edes reports it and there is NO truth to it, he will lose some credibility with the 24 (actually more now with Sept call ups) guys that actually do speak with the media.

  3. Keep Manny if we can, but lose (in a heartbeat) WMP. Worthless defensively, and that's looking on the bright side. AND KEEP TROT. Right field is a tough place to patrol. When it's done right (DEWEY), it's a thing of beauty. Yesterday? No words describe.

  4. Oh, please - dump WMP because he made 3 misplays (1 error) in a meaningless game? Remember that time the Sox lost a game because Nixon forgot how many outs there were? Where was the outrage then?

    No, apparently we should keep Trot, who will request ~$7-10M, has been declining both offensively and defensively, and will spend half the remainder of his career on the DL. Awesome.

  5. Couldn't agree more Earl on the WMP point. Peter N. Let's stay on topic - it prevents head explosiosn.

    Per my own advice, I'll get back on topic. I think X has said it well. Edes is digging for something (e.g. news) and there is absolutely no reason to trade Manny. We have to learn to accept him for what he does (both hit A LOT and goof off).

  6. I really can't see them dumping Manny. The whole idea of a trade is to create payroll flexibility. But that assumes that someone takers manny's entire contract. From what I reacll, even Omar Minay, who has an even bigger crush on Manny than GR had on Jennifer Ganrner (circ 2002) wanted toe Sox to take on some of the remaining $60MM.

    So you sign Carlose Lee for 5 years and $75MM? He is now the wrong side of the 30. And when he played in the AL full time, he was never an All Star. Or you get Soriano for the same price. And then you use the extra $5MM to sign some bullpen help or pitching help? It doesn't make sense.

    And good lord, Nixon? It should be interesting to see what he gets. Unless McCourt and Grady Little decide to add to the ever expaniding former Sox contingent, I can't see any team offering him a full time spot. Or if they do, its a one year $5MM deal.