Tuesday, September 19, 2006

No theory is perfect

Much has been written this year about how pitching in the NL is the elixir that any major league (or not so major league) pitcher could hope for. But even the NL, in a hitters park, could not put an end to Rudy Seanez' nightmare that is 2006.

For anyone that did not catch it, the padres took a 9-5 lead into the 9th. And the Dodgers hit 4 straight HRs to tie. In the 10th, Bard singled home a run for 10-9 lead. And then Seanez gave up a HR to Nomar in the bottom of the 10th.

The game featured 10 former Red Sox players, including 3 from the 2004 championship team (which is more than started any of the 4 games this past weekend for the Sox).


  1. I heard the replay of the last 2 innings on ESPN radio this very early pre-dawn morning. And it was amazing. Oh, to see the highlights! I can't wait.

  2. It was all the buzz on ESPN radio this AM. The Idiots on WEEI are talking about the governs race. When will some one tell them to stop talking politics?! The misinformation that comes out of their mouths is foul.

    Anyway, at least there is a buzz some where in baseball :-)

  3. Well that is typical EEI modus operandi. If its not Boston related they wont talk about it. Even more specifically related to the Celtics or the Pats – hockey is pretty much dead (at least from a talk radio perspective) and lets just say basketball does not fit their demographic. I think the Celtic games are not on EEI anymore, but even when they were, they never realty talked about them.

    That is why I get a chuckle whenever I hear someone say Boston is great sports town. People care about the local teams and that is it. The ratings for all other sports/teams are always at the bottom of the national ratings. And (not that they should be the barometer) but the idiots on talk radio won’t even notice something national, like last night’s LA-SD game or they probably did not even mention the OSU-Tex football game two weeks ago.