Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Gnawing thought

I did not post this earlier, even though the thought occurred to me late last week. This team is going to suck us back in. We all "know" they can't make the playoffs, let alone go deep in October with all their issues. But isn't a hallmark of Red Sox teams to give their fans false hope. I just know they are going to get close enough to let people start to play "what-if scenarios." Its inevitable. Maybe the Yankees lose a couple games this week and the Sox head to the Bronx back 5 or if MN and CHI struggle a bit - plus the Sox have 3 more against MN. The whispers will start. If they can sweep, etc. I know, I know, before everyone jumps all over me, I realize it is a silly notion. I'm only saying that noone should be surprised if it happens. After all, this is the life we chose for ourselves. And while 2004 forever changed the balance of power, it appears that it has not changed the dynamics of the team and its nation.


  1. Also, another update on former Red Sox. One has been much talked about this year. Bronson Arroyo pitched perhaps the best game of his career, which may re-fuel the talk of what a bad trade it was. I don't think I ever have heard so much pining for a team getting rid of a league average 4th starter.

    The other former sox has only been discussed peripherally. One of the earliest (suspected) steroid users, Manny Alexander, had a huge hit tonight for SD and a couple of RBI. Since his end in Boston after 2001, he was out of the majors for three whole seasons and has played a total of 37 games. Oh and his lifetime OPS is .606. I guess steroids don't help everyone.

  2. Such is life with the Red Sox. Turn your head, just for a moment, and they'll surprise the hell out of you. And you know what? I'm ready! Second string, third string, no string. Doesn't matter!

  3. MHJE. But I'd be okay with a little resurgence in the end. I'm not going to hold on to any false hopes, but I would at least like the season to end well than with a wimper. As for the rest of the Boston fans, now that I'm out here I'm going to try *very* hard to insulate myself from the talk radio, etc.

  4. Agree, 100% to not hold out any false hope. And I have been quoted a number of times that the best thing about being in CA is that WEEI is nowhere to be heard.

  5. Here's the scenario I've heard (and I believe it is also in the Globe today)...

    If the Twins go 13-12 the rest of the way, the Sox have to go 18-5 JUST TO TIE...

    They had Kason Gabbard pitch last night...Tavarez the night before...and Snyder tonight. Papelbon is out indefinitely.

    It isn't about the Twins falling apart (although if you look at their remaining schedule they have an incredibly difficult road to the playoffs), it is about the Sox not have ANY pitching to lean on...

    A quick peek at the Twins schedule...4 against Detroit...3 against Oakland...4 at Cleveland...3 at Boston...3 at Baltimore...4 KC...3 against the White Sox...It is possible for the Twins to go 13-12 during that stretch, but not likely...

    Without pitching, the Sox will not go 18-5. Look to next year Sox fans...

  6. You missed the point. Its not that they will make the playoffs (no one is saying that), but that they very may well make one last push. And the 13-12 scenario would likely be enough, but then again they could also play like DET and go 4-12. Liraino is a question, Radke may be done for the year. The Tigers aren't exactly lighting it up and neither is CHI.

    I would not take a bet against the Sox at some point getting within 3 games of a playoff spot.

  7. No, I agree with that...I actually think with the way the Tigers are playing, and the head-to-heads they have with the Twins and White Sox, that they might miss out on the playoffs...they've been terrible since the break...

    I think, though, that sort of what I meant is that the "hopers" that will start screaming about the playoff possibilities will probably soon realize that this isn't going to happen. I actually like Gabbard and think he could be a strong left-hander on the staff, but you can't make a run (or even put together an extended winning streak) with Gabbard, Tavarez, Snyder, Beckett, and ??? as your rotation and NO closer.

    The Sox definitely won't end up at .500 like I thought they might a week or so ago, but this is not a team that will make a run. I hate to be so negative, but they'll win here and there the rest of the way out...I can't see them putting together a run that will bring the crazies out of the woodwork...