Friday, September 08, 2006

Continuing a theme.... A New Challenge

Heading into 2006, the Yankees were going to challenge the all time record for runs scored or at least be the first since the 99 Indians to score 1000 runs. With all their injuries and A-Rod's strikeouts, that is not going to happen. In fact, while they very likely will lead MLB in runs scored, the Yankees will not score even 900 runs.

The Red Sox led MLB in scoring in each of the seasons 2003 through 2005. Each season they had over 900 runs - with a high of 961 one season. During that time, only one other team eclipsed the 900 run level. Without looking.... Name that team. Lets just say, I would have never guessed.


  1. I will show my thoughts in trying to figure this out...Just like on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?"...

    I would guess it would be an AL team, just because pitchers wouldn't score too many or drive in too many runs...

    But then I could also throw in the Giants because of all the roids...Or the Cubs from two years ago because of the small ball park and the millions of runs scored per game...Or the Rockies because of the runs scored there...And, for some strange reason the Cards of '04 sound like a reasonable choice.

    Back to the AL which is where I am leaning...The Angels (who played "small ball") for some reason I think scored a ton of runs. And maybe the A's in '03.

    I think that I am going to say the A's of '03 as my first guess.

    I won't look it up...If that is wrong just post that it is wrong and I will narrow down my choice...

  2. Actually, let me change my guess. The A's pitching was excellent (I forget they had Mulder, Hudson, Zito at that time)...My guess is not ANY A's team...

    Looking back at the original post and how X said that he was surprised I will refocus on the NL and the Angels...

    Thinking of the division winners and runner ups...I still have the Cards, Cubs, and Giants. The Rockies? I just don't see anyone out there driving in a million with the exception of Helton...No one else in the West. No one else in the Central. In the East? Well, Atlanta has won a million titles in a row, but I don't see them as a powerhouse run scorer except for the Joneseseseses. The Mets? no...

    This is an excellent challenge. The Cards team in '04 had a lot of hitters, but they have that huge ballpark...but that may make for many rallies of consecutive base hits, and then there's Pujols...So, they are my next choice...The Cards of '04?

  3. Cards of '04 were my first choice as well, but Longo said he "would never had guessed" so it's out - same with the '05 White Sox. I like your A's and Angels guesses - the other one I can think of would be the Injuns ('04? '05), but that seems unlikely.

  4. You guys had a number of the teams I considered.

    04 Cards
    05 White sox (although I would have likely remembered that they were up there with the Sox
    Any MFY team (they had 897 one year)
    I considered KC from 03
    I remembered Cincy was a run scoring machine
    You can never count out Colorado

    So I was shocked to learn it the Braves in 03. Not a team I thought of as an offense force. Hell they had Fick, Castilla and Pitcher going 7-8-8. Not exactly Nixon (3rd in OPS, Meuller (former batting champ), Bellhorn (18 HR, 40 2B and .370 OBP) in 2004.

  5. True about the Cards and X's "would never have guessed".

    So, now I am down to the Angels, Cubs, Braves and Giants.

    Let's rule out the Cubs, and probably the Braves (again because could 2 guys carry them that far, and they ran away with the division many years and probably played many young guys through September)...

    So the Giants and Angels remain...Would the Angels be obvious, or surprising? Probably. So I am going with them...'03 Angels...

  6. X gave the answer before my response...That is what I get for not refreshing...(refreshing the page, that is..)