Wednesday, September 27, 2006

We're Number Two! And Post-season Thoughts

Back in second place...AAHH...sigh of relief. Just kidding. Second place is no better than last place if you don't make the playoffs.

With that said, what about playoff speculation. After reading this quote from the Globe today, "Beckett has had to endure the challenge of switching from the Triple A National League to the American League"...well, let's just say that the level of writing everywhere in this country is childish...poopie, if I must say.

Of course, if the Mets win the WS it will be because they are the most AL team in the NL. And correct me if I am wrong, but didn't an NL team win within the last 3 years?

I understand that pitchers' ERAs tend to go up in the AL due to the DH, but the AAA National League?

Ok, back to the big picture which I hope will tie in with what I've just written.

In the AL you have Oakland, Minnesota, NY Yankees, and the Tigers. Is there a dominant team out of this bunch? With the Yankees rotation starting to show signs of age as they head to the post-season, you have to wonder as to their chances. The Tigers have nothing more to really thank than their unbelievable start. Essentially, they've held on to make the post-season. But, hey, they're in. Oakland played in a fairly terrible division, and they have great pitching. So, despite the injuries to the Twins pitching, they still have the most dominant starter in the AL, and an excellent closer (not to take away from the other closers, but Nathan is by far the most underrated closer around), I am picking Minnesota to win the AL.

The A's just don't have the sticks. MAYBE they pull a White Sox and pitch their way through, but I just don't see it.

The Yankees are going to have big problems with RJ's back, and Mussina. Wang is very good, but you can't base your post-season hopes on that kid just yet. Of course, their lineup is huge, but they are going to give up 5+ runs per game, and you can't win a championship doing that.

The Tigers, like I said, held on. They are still a very good team, however, and if their pitching performs like they can, they have a shot.

I just like the Twins this year.

In the AAA National League...I like the Mets. Big surprise. Seriously. They have Pedro (who, if you haven't noticed has been resting...they've called it DL'ing, but those of us from Boston know what is going on there). Glavine. Hell, even Trachsel has been good. Their pen is solid, and they have Wagner as a closer. If you haven't noticed, Beltran is an MVP candidate, Delgado and Wright are terrifying, and Reyes is excellent.

Their biggest competition? Houston, if they make it. I can't see any team from the West doing damage (with the possible exception of LA, but they may not make it, either). The Cards? Nope. The Phillies? Possibly. They give the Mets problems, but I say it is NY.

So my WS is Minnesota/NY. I would be very happy with any outcome of that series. But just to punish all the stupid writers...Go NL!!!


  1. As long as that NY is the NL NY...and I know what you meant. And Minnesota? I'd love to see them do it. Big Torii Hunter fan. Saw him when he and others were playing for double A New Britain, which used to be the double A Sox team....and he's a good guy.

  2. Well th ething about the playoffs is that it is a total crapshoot. The AL dominates, but like you said, the NL did win just three years ago. However, they won totaly based on some fluke pitching. Think back to that 2003 Marlin team - can you name more than 3 of their starting position players in under 10 seconds?

    I bet most people can't. But they got strong pitching from Penny, Pavano (yes, that Pavano) and Beckett.

    So really anyone could get 3 pitchers hot this OCT. And with Harden looking very impressive in his two short outings, they could be a force. I wouldn't say they don't have the sticks. Its a pesky lineup that has scored a fair amount of runs when you consider their home park. Of course, I want to see the A's in the WS so that I can go to a game or two.

    I love the MN story, but I really have to question their overall pitching. They have the best starter and maybe the best closer. But who starts Game 2. Let alone game 3 and 4. And for all of Radke's grit, he is still a league average pitcher who does not strike out hitters anymore. I guess you hope for a great game one and game 5 from Johan and hpe that Boof or someone else can step it up. Their bullpen is awesome, but they have to get there.

  3. I have to disagree about the Marlins lineup.

    Ivan Rodriguez
    Mike Lowell
    Derek Lee
    Miguel Cabrera
    Juan Encarnacion
    Juan Pierre
    Also, was that the year Gonzalez hit a lot of HRs?

    That was a very good team.

    Their pitching?

    They also had Urbina who was pretty lights out.

    They also had (and I only remember this because Earl loved the name...but I don't remember if the guy was any good)...Spooneybarger.

    I can't believe I remember that team so well...Probably because I was really pulling for them to crush the Yankees.

    And with the Twins...they've been without certain starters in spots for a very long time and look at their record over the past few months.

    The trend, as of late, has definitely been you need to be a team to win it all.

    The Angels in '02
    The Marlins in '03
    The Sox in '04
    The White Sox in '05

    All of those teams got performances out of everyone.

    I think the D-Backs are the last team I can remember that was truly carried by one or two people (RJ and Schill).

  4. I agree with Matt, I named 3 players pretty quickly from that Marlins team and you guys all know how bad I am with names.