Thursday, December 29, 2005

Santa, Jesus, etc.

For Kwanzaa I got this, containing 35 hours of pure awesomeness. The plan was to watch it all from the beginning, but then I realized how stupid that is. Who wants to watch games 1-3 of the Yankees series? I know I'm like the 10000th person to ask this, but why not just show the 3 ALDS games? 11 disks, all wins. But seriously, really, has any Sox fan actually watched those first three DVD's?

Having decided not to watch games 1-3, I nearly began game 4, but then realized I didn't have seven hours to spare. So I zipped ahead to game 7. Johnny Damon's grand slam -- damn, that still makes me smile when I think about it. Anyway, it was great to watch, and I realized (for the first time) I really am going to miss him. I was never as big a fan of him as most people were -- his media whorishness would be fine, if he had anything even remotely interesting to say. (Okay, "it seems to me that we've won four games in a row before" is a pretty good line.) But it'll be different with him gone; it's going to be very weird seeing someone else lead off next year.

Thanks Johnny. Here's hoping your decline is swift and completely free of pain.


  1. I got that for my B-day back in Nov and I could not agree more about the silliness of them including games 1-3. and not the ALDS series games.

    Oh well - it made for a good joke to play on my obnoxious Yankee fan cousin - I sent him the disks of games 1-3 with a note saying I won't be needing them.

    I did watch a bit of the 19-8 massacre and also in game 4 it was funny to listen to McCarver and Buck and all their BS about the curse, how great the Yankee are etc etc. Not to mention the panning shots of Fenway with the Sox fans holding their heads and looking like they are in complete agony - the beauty was that the scenes were repeated in games 7.

    I'm still a little ticked off that Fox was sooooooo into the whole "curse" yet this year the White Sox are in the Series and nary a mention of the fact that they had only been back once (with zero victories) since they LOST ON PURPOSE. Sidenote - my next book review will have more on this subject....

    Oh well in my next, next book review, I was reminded of the fact that Johnny Damon made the last out in the fateful eighth inning of Game 3 ALDS this year (Contreras getting out of the bases loaded no out jam).

    Yes it will be weird watching him bat leadoff next year, but who knows, it may only be for 100 games. Or less. Kind of strange that the entire Yankee OF each make $13 million per year. How long will it take before the stories start appearing about Sheffield wanting an extension? You think they will surface before P&C report (maybe Ch-ASS can track down Sheff for a few quotes)?

  2. I have to admit, I like the inclusion of games 1-3. What's the point of re-experiencing that joy from the last 4, if not properly set up by the first three? It's also fun to listen to the announcers start to go into the 'praising the team that will win to set up the next series' spiel, only to have to turn 180 and do the same for the opposition not five days later.