Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A Model of Consistency

Pujols. Amazingly similar lines for his first five years.


  1. Most similar batters through age 25: (1) Joe DiMaggio, (2) Frank Robinson, (3) Jimmie Foxx, (4) Hank Aaron...

  2. I think I have seen about a dozen comments like "the only player to begin his career with 4 years of 30 HRs 120 RBI .300 AVG, etc etc are Ted Williams, Joe D, etc etc.

    But even those guys similar had at least one notable "off" year and/or took a couple years to make their mark.

    Alberts SD is minimal - in very few categories does he go up or down by more than 10% - except BB and Ks and in those he is heading in the right direction in BOTH.