Thursday, December 08, 2005


I don't understand that one. Why not offer him arbitration? I know Lajoie said they could not afford two specialists in the pen (w/ Chadford), but Myers has value and probably would only get $2MM in arbitration. Plus if he signs elsewhere (rumored to be NY) they get the draft pick. And if he accepts, can't you trade one of them? I don't get it. My guess is that the Yanks move in today and snatch him up, now that they are not faced with the potential PR hit of losing their draft pick to the Sox.


  1. I have absolutely no clue why the powers that be have not already gobbled back Myers. Don't make no sense!

  2. My guess is that they feel they have another guy who can take his place. As far as I can tell the following guys will probably be in the pen this upcoming season.

    and possibly

    They may also add Otsuka if Wells goes back to San Diego...if he goes to Oakland, Duscherer...

    They will probably also be introducing Lester to big league hitters in a relief role first. He's a lefty.

    While Myers was cheap, they certainly now have a lot of arms, and while there can never be too many they have a lot of positions to fill out there, as well...It looks like they are trying to cut payroll to give themselves some mid-season wiggle room, perhaps.

    Renteria? Gone, and replaced by a guy the Sox will control for 5 or 6 years...and cheap...

    If they can't trade Wells or Clement, and Wells doesn't retire then you need to have Arroyo or Clement head to the pen. Then you already have too many arms out there and someone heads to AAA.

    I think they like Bradford as the specialist...

  3. Well, with the caveat that I'm rabidly anti-OOGY... an arb offer might have made sense, butin the end, we wouldn't have gotten a good pick from them, and we might have ended up with a fairly useless arm for a million bucks. I'm just as happy finding relievers who can get outs from both sides of the plate, and we certainly have no shortage of arms right now.