Wednesday, December 07, 2005

New trade talks...

Renteria in the three-way trade with Atlanta and Tampa Bay. We get Lugo. Not too bad...I don't know how much better he is than Renteria. I just can't see Renteria having another year in the field like that.

SO...this looks like our infield.

1b Sean Casey (Youk and Arroyo to the Reds),OR Overbay (Clement and/or Arroyo to the Brewers)
2b Loretta
SS Lugo
3b Glaus (Lowell may be going to the Twins)...

CF Damon (although I can't say I am liking him as a person too much right now...his Yankees are the greatest comments really bothered me)
RF Nixon
LF ???

DH....Ortiz, of course

And the latest trade rumor...Even swap...D-Lowe for Clement...
It might be good for the first year. Lowe has something to prove and no one in Boston like Clement. Lowe would be back with Tek...

Soooo many possibilities...


  1. So many possibilities and most of the ones you mentioned will not happen, I hope.

  2. Well, they nearly had Clement for Overbay done, but the Brewers wanted the Sox to eat a little of Clement's salary. They should have...

    Loretta has joined the club and off goes Mirabelli...I guess that means Shoppach is the new backup...No problems with this deal at all. Loretta is a lifetime .301 hitter and a good fielder. Two years ago he had 208 hits...Last year's numbers were down due to an injury.

    It really looks like Renteria is on the way out. However, Tampa might not be in on the deal. This means Renteria to Atlanta for Marte (3b).

    Sox offered arbitration to Graffanino and Mueller (probably for draft picks if they sign elsewhere)...

    I don't quite understand the blowing up of this team that won so many games and a World Series, but what are the alternatives?

    Should we have resigned Mueller at 5MM/year? Then we probably wouldn't have gotten Beckett. What about Graffanino? Well, Loretta is just as good (maybe better) and we probably couldn't trade Shoppach. So, we traded a backup catcher. Shoppach has been catching Charlie Zink (knuckle baller) in AAA...And we drop some payroll.

    We are trying to resign Damon. The guy is a gamer, but I don't know if the Sox should spend the money on him at 4+ years. Will be effective for that much longer?

    Olerud retired and I am not sure any one wants Millar back.

    And, according to the Globe, there is a deal in the works...David Wells for Justin Duscherer (whom we traded for Mirabelli in the first place). That's a great trade. Do it now...