Friday, December 09, 2005

Equal Value or Better???

Renteria gets traded and all of the sudden Tejada says he wants to be traded and that he would LOVE to play in Boston.

Manny for Tejada...In a second...Tejada plays everyday and is an RBI machine. He would provide the protection needed for Ortiz and he is a great clubhouse guy.

The infield (still searching for a 1b) would be:
Lowell at third
Tejada at short
Loretta at second
Youk and other at first

Damn, bring back D-Lowe and his ground ball outs...Nothing is getting through that infield...

Of course, now there are swirling rumors of Nixon getting traded and, perhaps, Damon going to Detroit. Now we need an outfield, but at least we have some money to get some guys.

Torii Hunter in CF?


  1. Of course, the Yankees could always swoop in and sign Tejada to play SS and move Jeter to CF...

  2. Their miserly money spending habits this off-season would seem to preclude that. But with the Yanks, you never know. But boy would he look great in the 6 hole for our infield, batting behind Papi. Happy weekend guys.

  3. So basically, it's legitimately possible that the only players in our Opening Day starting lineup that were there in 2005 will be Varitek and Papi.

    This is insanity... and yet, it's tpough to argue with any of these moves so far.

  4. Andrew I was thinking the same thing.

    Would anyone want Millar at first?
    Renteria at short?

    I wouldn't have minded Graffanino or Mueller, but I have no problems with Lowell and Loretta.

    With Tejada they are a very strong team immediately, even without an outfield...

    Does anyone think it is dumb to give Damon more than 4 years? I do...

  5. We really do now want Lowe back. He became an even bigger headcase this past year in LA (and who would have thought that possible). but I guess that would happen considering he pulled the equivalent of banging Hazel Mae, his wife finding out and leaving him, and then going on all the local Sunday sports shows and saying that she misses her husband. It happened. Except the woman he banged is not as hot as Hazel Mae.

    Andrew - it is really amazing the turnover. sure, the moves so far seem okay, but we might be singing a different tune if this time next week both Damon and Manny are gone and we some how have Juan Encanarcion penciled in CF.

  6. Do any of these moves free up some "risk" money for Damon? Or...Do they go in another direction like Hunter? I know the Twins asked about Lowell and their money is pretty even. 8 MM for Torii and 9MM for Lowell...

    If you trade Lowell, go out and pick up Joe Randa for a year or two while Marte gets ready to be full time. Or...move Youk back to third and get a first baseman. What about Travis Lee as a platooning 1b?

    Jacque Jones is out another outfield option...Jeremy Burnitz is also out there...

  7. Jacque Jones can't hit. I guess thry do something w/ Damon for four+ options/triggers based on games played. Or vice versa (six years, voidable if injured).

  8. Jones is a career .279 hitter with 20+ HR power...That's better than Nixon right now...Well, at least he plays games...and he can get you some steals...He's definitely not Manny, but .

  9. Jones is a decent defender and sure he is more durable than Nixon, but to compare Jones to Nixon is laughable. there is no way you can say he is better than Nixon.

    Hes a .279 lifetime hitter, who has not hit above .255 the last two years. He doesn't get on base (career high OBP .341 - 4 years ago Nixon is a career .366 OBP). And for someone so durable he has never scored a 100 runs. In fact the last two years, the player he compares most favorably too is bernie williams. which makes me think - I hope the Yankees get him. I certainly don't want his bat anywhere near the Sox lineup.

    But the biggest problem is that Jones would theoretically be replacing Manny or Damon in the lineup.

    Please lets not hear anymore talk about Jacque Jones.

    It sure is nice to fantasize about Manny for Miggy. Something tells me that will never happen. But it would fill needs - and we could even throw in Youk and get Erik Byrnes - they would have excess OFs. And the money would almost balance. Ah to dream.

  10. If I weren't dead convinced that Damon would be missing a large chunk of time due to injury over the next couple years, I might be swayed back towards signing him due to the completely empty CF market. We're talking about Clement for Jeremy Reed now? Ugh.