Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Its that time again

Book Review.

Well it seems like a very long time since I have been able to post a book review. And its not that I have taken a vacation in reading, its just that I don't think most of you would have an interest in this. Or this. Or this. In case it had been missed, that is right. I am a daddy. Thanksgiving morning, Little Kate made her grand enterance to the world.

So, this months entry is Stud. No, its not the story of Kate's creation. Or even the story of Shawn Kemp. Its about horse breeding.

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  1. Its a pretty fascinating look at the world of primarily thorough bred horse racing. Some of it gets a bit boring at times - reciting some of the lineages of the greatest horsed of all time, but it was a neat look at the big businss that is breeding.

    A couple of my favorites:

    - they have a teaser horse that will mount up the filly (while wearing a protective apron so he does not impregnate her) to see if the woman is "in the mood" - since many often react violently.

    - they like the actual act to go very quickly (limits injury) so they will keep the male and female separated for a while (sometimes up to an hour), but able to look (and smell) each other. Think foreplay. So once the actual act is performed it takes like 45 seconds. I know what you all are thinking - I can be done in 45 seconds without an hour of foreplay.

    - There are usually about 5 handlers in the stable. I can't decide if the worst job is the penis washer whose job it is to, well, wash the penis before pentration. Or the person (I forgot the official title but think ball tickler) that guides the penis in and "assists" the process (I'll spare some of the details, but depending on what the horse likes, there is tickling or squeezing or rubbing).

    - quarter horses (used as Trotters) generally die virgins. All breeding there is done via artificial insemmination.

    - the top studs will breed two times a day for six months. With thoroughbreds, artificial insemmination is not allowed.

    - Occassionally there are outbreaks of VD amongst the horses - this the importance of a good penis washer I guess.

    - This book review has allowed me to write penis, sperm, insemmination, ball tickler. Good stuff.

    An entertaining book. I would say it was a line drive wall ball single.

  2. Awesome. I look forward to all the new hits we get from your post. Hopefully in a couple weeks everyone googling "'good penis washer' 'ball tickler' will end up here.

  3. Congrats, X. What, no baby pictures?

  4. Hmmm. To earl's point about future hits on penis washer and ball tickler, I'm not so sure I should put pictures in here....

  5. Honestly, this sounds a lot like the last time I hooked up. At first I thought it was weird that she wanted her friend to wash my penis, but as soon as some one was tickling my balls I was in heaven, for 45 seconds.

    Good Stuff X!!! By the way, "the Baby whisperer" might be the SCARIEST book title EVER! I guess that's a sign I am not ready to actually sire my seed.