Sunday, March 13, 2005

This just in... Jeremy used Roids

I know... I know... all of you guys lived with me at one time or another and I never asked any of you to stick a needle in my ass...

But I needed to come clean... I used roids...

Ok, all jokes aside, this is not a big suprise. A couple comments:

1. "His last stint in the majors was in 2003, when he batted .197 in 127 at-bats with the Red Sox." -- They totally over looked the fact that he also had 1 SB -- HE'S ONLY SB IN HIS CAREER!!!

2. "'If you don't know what he's apologizing for,'' Jeremy Giambi said, ``you must've been in a coma for two years.'" -- Thank you Jeremy, Reports, please shut up.


  1. Well...remember that he missed most of that season due to an injury. Hmmm...there's a lot of that with Roid users...

    Ok, and while we are on the subject...I am tired of baseball being railroaded for steroids. I am angry with players for doing it, but the most popular sport in the United States (FOOTBALL) is full of steroid users. I went to high school with a few guys that made the pros and I know they were using steroids. It's not really possible to get that big without the use of roids. That is reality.

    Where's the Senate hearing for football? There isn't one...Why? Because they have (what looks to be like a good) drug testing program in place. But how good is it? Even DeOssie (man who thinks that NO football player can do wrong) admits that there were steroids around when he was playing.

    It just the press focusing on a story.

    And thank the Lord that the Senate has nothing left to do and that they have the country in great shape...Now they can pursue drug use in baseball...

  2. Jeez, I read the headline and article all wrong. I thought it saud "Jerry Remy admits to using steroids."