Tuesday, March 29, 2005


This could be the missing link.

Also, good to see the Yankees having so much faith in Jaret wright that they will skip his first turn in the rotation. Imagine that another Yankee $8 Million per year middle reliever.


  1. The Sox bullpen is now crushing. Myers, Timlin, Mantei, Embree, Foulke, and Halama...My guess is that Kim is gone.

    When Schilling returns their rotation will be solid, too. Pitching will not be the problem for the Sox. If Nixon performs like he used to and avoids injury, there are less holes in this lineup than last year.

  2. The Herald was reporting last night that Kim was going to Colorado. Of course we were paying $5.6 of the $6 million, but we are getting a prospect back in return.

  3. Am I the only one sad that we're losing a prospect named Ool? I don't like this deal at all...we should protest this trading war. "No old blood for Ool"