Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Pitching Injury Bug...


Prior is out indefinitely again with elbow problems. This kid had such a chance to be a great one, but it looks like he might be an outfielder sooner than later. Can he hit?

Rivera (Mariano) is out resting elbow soreness. This took a little while to pop up last year. Man, what happens to the Yankees if they lose this guy for a stretch? Do you think that they really want to make Gordon the every day guy? Isn't that part of what did them in last year? If Gordon hadn't been used so much during the regular season us Sox fans might be waiting for this to be "the year".

So, I had made a prediction about less elbow problems now that roids were leaving the league. You know less freakish stress on the tendons, less muscle tears...Maybe, though, there will need to be a few years for adjustment. I am NOT saying that Rivera and Prior were using. I think that Rivera has just thrown a billion innings in his career and turning over that cutter pitch after pitch is taking its toll. I have no idea what Prior's problems are...

Speaking of the Cubs...Wood is hurt, too...Jeez, these guys throw heat, but they are really young. How did guys like Clemens and Randy Johnson throw so much heat for so long. Or how about that Nolan Ryan. Kerry Wood has a violent delivery (kind of like Miller...who will also miss at least April with elbow problems) so you can see why he might get hurt, but Prior is a smooth/good mechanics-type pitcher. Looks like another long season for the Cubbies. Although, here's another prediction: Nomar is going to crush this year...

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  1. It just seems to be the usual spring with some big names going down and others being questionable.

    It sure will be interesting to see how Rivera progresses. the best hope for the Sox on that one is that it is a nagging thing. Remember Aaron Boone. Of course replacing Rivera would not be as easy.

    I'm not prepared to give up on Prior just yet. I think he is only 24. Although it worries me that Dusty Baker is his coach. Hey the Unit didn't really hit his stride until he was almost 30.

    Wood is different story.