Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Giambi -- not (exactly) a steroids post

Anyone else a little bit impressed with Jason Giambi so far? Like I said, I have zero sympathy for the guy, but he seems to be handling Spring Training (tm) quite well. Probably the most accessible player to the fans and the media right now, saying the right things...and (this is bad) showing signs of being the Moneyball guy he used to be. I honestly thought he would've crumbled by now. It'll be interesting to see how it all works out.


  1. He seems to have held up well, but it is a long season. I don't like what I see so far, but it is spring and the games don't mean crap. Hell, he could hit 12 HRs this spring and I wouldn't even waste a 15th round pick on him in our draft.

    The real barometer will be the first week in April when he grounds out against a real MLB pitcher with the game on the line and the NY crowd starts to get on him. Or better yet, come May when he's batting .240.

    The guy still makes $20 Million per year and sooner or later they are going to get on him for that - i.e., if he becomes a .290 hitter with 20 HR.

  2. I don't know...The jury is still out. I will say this...I don't think he's going to hit above .260 this year. I also think his k's will rise as guys will challenge him inside and high (but in the zone) and he won't catch up.

    I also think that Tino will play just as much.

    Either way their everyday first baseman will have numbers like these...
    BA .260 HR 22 RBI 86

    That's not bad, but that's not what they're used to...I'd rather have Millar play everyday...

  3. As you both point out, time will only tell. The big thing for me is that he was complaining of eye problems last year. If that is fixed, then his bat is going to be as lethal as it ever was. That being said, all of his injuries/illness have been swept under the rug with the "'roid-rage" that's going on.

    Does anyone know what his "illness" was last year that was affecting his sight?

  4. This Yankee team is very interesting. There 1B/DH situations are a bit muddy. They don't have the true basher and in the past, they have always been able to overcome that with such strength in normally weak spots - Posada, Jeter, Bernie, Soraino for a while. So while they lacked that power at the corner spots, they madeup for it in other places.

    They still have the potential to do some big things on offense, but Bernie is very slow these days, Womack is likely to be blatantly average, Jeter has been inconsistent and has not matched his production of 99-00. Posada is due for some slippage - very possibly this year. They really need to have Sheffield healthy b/c who else in that lineup is truly scary. They are all good, but there is not an Ortiz, Ramirez or Millar (when on one of his streaks) in that linuep. So while .270 20 HR at 1B and DH is respectable, it will likely be a disappointment.

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