Thursday, March 24, 2005

okay, here's a topic...

...Who's going to have a Monster Year this year? (I mean, besides Wally the Green Monster, because when you're a Monster, every year's a Monster Year, obviously.) You're welcome to back up your arguments with statistics, but no need, really...

Matt's already mentioned Nomar. Sadly I think A-Rod may return to MVP form, now that he's comfortable at 3rd and can focus on his hitting. Ortiz will continue his upward trend...Soriano, V-Mart...Cabrera? How'll Aaron Boone do with the Wahoos?

And how about those who will disappoint? I'll just throw out a couple names: Sexton, Finley...maybe Michael Young. Oh and Tony Womack, of course, but for most I don't think the expectations are that high.

Obviously these are hitters only. Pitchers...


  1. I actually think Darren Bragg is dur for a monster year. And don't count out Tony Clarke or Rich Garces.

    Yeah, like I'm going to tip my hand on my draft strategy.

  2. Oh man, you've got to be kidding me! Are we going to all start clamming up about our opinions -- or worse, give out misleading info -- because of some stupid fantasy league?

    Anyway, there are still 17 teams that AREN'T in our league...what about those players?

  3. Was kidding. Obviously my Darren Bragg comment was not meant to "trick" anyone.

    Monster year, huh. The two guys that I'm interested in seeing are Beltre and Chavez. For different reasons. Was Beltre for real? And is Chavez going to stay healthy and step it up? Of course I'm already on record (I think) as saying that the A's will finish in last place. If Chavez does not produce and the new pitchers don't contribute big time, will Beane's legacy be at all dented? In signing Chavez long term, did he sign the wrong guy (Tejada Giambi Damon Hudson Mulder). Damn I would be scared sending a pitcher to ATL and end up looking silly- Mazzone may damn well turn Hudson into a 22 game Cy Young Award winner.

    Okay, I'm getting off topic, a bit.

  4. Chavez vs. Beltre is a pretty interesting comparison, mostly because it may correlate to how each of their teams finish. Others that I think might have stand-out years can be split into two categories:

    1. Joe Mauer
    2. Dallas McPherson
    3. Aaron Rowand
    4. Jody Gerut
    5. Coco Crisp
    6. Count Chocula

    (Actually, I only list Coco because of the humor of also listing the Count. That being said he's a long shot but most likely will falter)

    1. Vernon Wells
    2. Chavez
    3. ARod
    4. Teixeira
    5. Ortiz

    I think Wells will be the biggest suprise here. Arod is "scheduled" to perform, Ortiz is a Monster, Teixeira is a stud, and so that leaves Chavez, which as Dave pointed out is a very interesting thing to watch. I'll take the dark horse and bet on Chavez.

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