Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Dr. Perlman

All right, so I promise not to use the S-word. But the new brouhaha* over Dr. Elliott Perlman is pretty damn funny. Two weeks after he testified before Congress that baseball's new testing policy is great, we find out that he's been overstating his credentials. For example, he got his M.D. in Guadalajara, Mexico, and not SUNY, like his bio from back in his days with the Jets says. And there are some "exaggerations".

So that's pretty hilarious in itself -- he was the only guy baseball could find to defend their new policy, But I also like that:

1) I think he's not being honest about his name either. Look at the photo -- he's clearly Rob Reiner.
2) The guy who broke the story is named "Duff Wilson". Not sure why that's funny, but it is somehow.
3) Best of all, when Ron Colangelo, a VP of the Jets, was told about the discrepancy, his response was:
"Oh my goodness, oh my goodness gracious."

Talk about lame. I'm no football expert, but if you ask me, he should be fired on the spot.

* that's right, I said "brouhaha". Oh, I went there.


  1. As I understand it he studied for his degree at both Guadalajara and Suny, but recieved his degree from the NY Education Department... which is complicated to explain, and someone mislisted it to save space on a bio. Its being reported anyway that his resume is correct and the error is on a precis... which may not even be his error. The other issue is a listing of "Associate" where "Assistant" is correct-- easy to do as a straight typing error. This is not quite the same thing as claiming qualifications you do not have, nor does it call his qualifications into question.

  2. Well, the point of my post wasn’t to attack the guy – I think it might’ve been all honest mistakes – but rather to point out the ridiculousness of the situation. Still, you’re not quite right about a couple points. As the AMA website says, “Fifth Pathway students [he was one] receive NO medical diploma from the U.S. medical school sponsoring their Fifth Pathway year of clinical education. They receive a 'Certificate of Completion,' which is accepted in lieu of a diploma in virtually all U.S. licensing jurisdictions." So it’s misleading, at best, to call that a “degree”.

    And this is a bit more damning (from the NYT article):

    "In bold-face letters atop a résumé sent to Congress and Harvard, Dr. Pellman indicated that he is a fellow of the American College of Physicians. He is not. He lost the coveted title of fellow when he stopped paying dues six years ago. He is no longer even a member of the American College of Physicians, Susan C. Anderson, a spokeswoman for the medical society, said."

    And then there's the assistant/associate issue, another mistake in that resume.

    It's very possible there was no willful deception here. But the fact is he provided incorrect information to Congress.

  3. Nice. This is like that first kid with all the masturbation references in his blog. And the AAG.


    what I still am puzzled about is how MLB gets pummeled and Big Mac is "convicted" without any evidence, but the NFL has a little problem going on between the Panthers and one of the hallowed Dynasties caught up in the S word scandals. Does the NFL have as much heat coming their way?