Thursday, March 31, 2005

Not exactly a *S* related post

The guy may be an idiot, but he sure has pulled a lot of crap in the last month to keep his name in the news. He stood up the SF sports radio station for an on air appearance and did not even bother to call. Of course they talked about it nonstop. Apparently he has done it on a number of the stops on his book tour. Of course the media has been talking about him nonstop regardless of his shennanigans, but still he keeps stepping it up.

When my wife first told me about his Surreal Life gig, I said "No way he will actually go through with it. Its just another publicity stunt." Well, I can't claim to be right just yet, but accompanying this story is a picture in which "Canseco did not arrive in time for the photo." Yeah, like they think he will arrive for shooting? Probably not. But then again if he goes on the show, he will probably talk about the book all the time. But I doubt he'll get there.

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  1. What are the chances that if Canseco shows up for this gig that it will lead to a spin-off, like Stange Love? Maybe Canseco will fall head over heals for Omarosa who just bitch-slaps him day in and day out.

    Or better yet, Canseco comes out of the closet for Bronson Pinchot.