Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Say it ain't so youk!

My brother sent me this email this morning, which I think is fairly indicative of what some of Red Sox nation will be thinking today: "I’ve been trying to brainstorm ways to crowdsource the $12 million Youk would be paid by the Yankees. We could offer it to him to NOT play in the Bronx. We could get Red Sox Nation to pledge money to the Jimmy Fund in his name – but only if he walks out of the deal. In that case, the money would go to the Jimmy Fund and a big banner would be placed on the Dana Farber building thanking Youk. If not, the money could be paid for banners to fly over Yankee Stadium every time he comes up to bat reminding him that he let down the kids… including this one." I am an huge Youk fan, I was happy for him to go to Chicago because the situation last year was eating him up. I didn't agree with the move, but I think it was necessary. Youk had become too frustrated with our team and he is the type of guy that will/does spill over emotionally. We know he had issues with other players in the past. All that being said, I don't blame him for getting his pay day with the Yankees. After all we traded him! He has no loyalty to us what so ever.


  1. This prompted the question... are there any former Yankees who came to the Red Sox or does it seem that players move in one direction (Red Sox first to Yankees).

    The answer is that players do go in both directions, the vast majority are Red Sox to start.

    Here is the complete list…

    In my opinion, the most name worth is Don Baylor, not that he did anything for the Red Sox. The most recent was Aceves, who was passable last year. Probably, the best overall former Yankee is Mike Lowell, but we didn’t get him from them directly. Still he was a Yankee first!

  2. I couldn't care less about Youk to the Yankees. He hit under .240, under 20 HRs, and struck out 108 times while having the least amount of walks leading to the lowest OPS he's ever had as a starting major leaguer. I believe he was part of the problem in Boston to start, and that Middlebrooks was too good for the bench. The Yankees now have two injury prone third baseman. They'll probably need someone else at that position before A-Rod comes back.

    I also think this is a strange move for the Yankees because I thought they had a young kid playing third after A-Rod last year that they liked. Nunez? I also know that they have Nix (or is he a free agent).

    The Yankees to the Red Sox is an interesting question. Without looking at the link the most recent Yankees to come over were Aceves, Mendoza, and Wells.

  3. Wait. I'm still focused on the proposed banner to be flown over the toilet when Youk is up. there was no end quote on that "quote." So was the entire thing going on the plane?

    Biggest plane banner ever.

    I'm torn on the deal. Part of me agrees 100% w Grieve. $12MM for an injury prone guy that hit his weight last year.

    But its only one year so they're not locked in to a Napoli/Victorino type deal. And maybe he bounces back and (even in 100 games) puts up an OPS+ of 120, Its exactly the type of deal the sox and yanks should make now. Overpay for a year. Maybe two. And avoid the L/T deals.

    Especially w NYY very focused on getting under the luxury cap. Which in itself is a joke. Georgey Porgey is rolling over in his grave. They generate $500MM in revenue a year. Just reaped a windfall from half the sale of YES. And revenues are only going to go up. But they go cheap and now risk actually being like the Sox last year which would be a huge hit on revenue. At least the Sox tried last year. When the Yanks are below 500 this year or next it will be entirely because they were cheap. Amazing.

  4. Wait... I am missing something. X you think the Yankees will be under .500 next year or the year after? That feels like a separate post, but explain yourself.