Monday, December 17, 2012

The AL East Knuckling Under?

Are the Jays the new Marlins?  Looks like a deal is done that will send Dickey from the Mets to Toronto.  In return the Mets get a top-rated (but injured) catching prospect and a box of Yodels.

The question now must be asked...How will the rest of the East respond?  Do they need to?

Adding Dickey goes a long way toward making the Jays rotation deep.


But...the question is how good?

Josh Johnson has yet to pitch in the AL.  His career numbers are outstanding pretty much across the board, but is he a top of the rotation guy in the AL East?

Buerhle is a high innings guy, but his results vary.  Since '05 he's been basically a .500 pitcher.  How will his soft throwing style be received in this heavy hitting division?

Dickey was outstanding last year.  What was so different?  He's been barely serviceable over his career.  Will he revert?

Morrow and Romero both have talent, but (again) will they finally produce?

Looking at every other rotation in the East brings much of the same.  X posted a bunch about the Yankees rotation.  The Sox rotation, even with Dempster, contains all sorts of high-end potential, but just as many question marks.

It looks as though the Jays are loading up for a run THIS year.  Overall, I see a cluster at the top of the AL East this year.  The unbalanced schedule is going to make it a fierce competition.  I don't see one team that stands out.  My prediction is that 3 teams finish between 88-93 wins.  The fourth place team will have at least 85 wins.  The last place team won't be far below .500.

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