Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Don't count the Patriots out... just yet

I am not sure how the other GYSers felt about last night's game heading into it, but I was NERVOUS. I thought the Texans had a nice balanced game and would prove too much for the Patriots. I was convinced that the Texans would establish a decent ground game and force us into man-to-man coverage in the secondary. This would over tax our "up and coming" secondary and cost us the game. Not to mention their swat-tastic defense would stiffle Brady and force some tight spots or bad decisions. Well not only did none of those issues happen, but it was like the Patriots stole the Texans' game plan and used it against them! Our secondary really stepped up last night. Yes, you read that correctly, our SECONDARY really stepped up last night. Our ability to play man-to-man on the outside WR allowed us to put 8 in the box to keep Foster from having a field day. This forced Schaub to read our secondary which as it turns out is a little tricky. I guess having a lot of quasi-cornerbacks in your secondary allows you to mix up coverage a lot. The end result was one critical pick and a tentative Schaub. On top of that, we played more 4-man fronts than we do typically thus allowing us to keep their offensive line guessing and, wait for it, put pressure on their QB! End result, more swatted passes than the swat-tastic Texans! The question is, is this a sign that the Patriots have sorted out a winning formula? Has the secondary cleaned up its act, or at least has Belichick figured out a way to make them effective? The 49ers will be a good test. Sure they are down their starting QB, but Kaepernick seems to have stepped in nicely. Certainly, it will be a better test than the Dolphins. Anyway, comments are welcome!

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  1. The game was the complete opposite of what I expected. I thought it would be close for a half. And then I thought BB would make some halftime adjustments to the HOU defensive front. Turns out I was totally wrong. They had the game plan going in - keep the ball away from what's side of the field. It was especilly effective the first three series. I though HOU did a good job adjusting in the second half and they got pressure on 12. but it was too little, too late.

    And great poing Dino. " On top of that, we played more 4-man fronts than we do typically thus allowing us to keep their offensive line guessing and, wait for it, put pressure on their QB!" in some of the eary games (wins and the losses) they appeared way committed to the base 3-4, but lately have bene lining up in far more sub defenses but then mixing those up with blitzes. I liked the differnt looks. And with some added confidence in the seconday, they can send extra men and not worry to much about 1:1 coverage. How about Dennard covering Andre Johnson 1:1 not sure that happens three weeks ago.

    Niners will be a test cause they have more defensive weapons - its not just avoid JJ. they have willis, Aldon smith and Justin Smith who can all wreak havoc up front and in the middle (could slow welker and hernandez) and then they have Bownam and Goldson to play some real physical shit. Godlson wold be an ideal player in Pats D - its like Harrison circa 2004. Physical. and play maker.

    I still think Pats can come through. And handily. The breaks are coming their way. And they don't lose at home in December. But we'll see.