Saturday, December 08, 2012

Dempster and Lohse at the top of the list

I think we can all agree that we need some serious improvement to our starting rotation. A quick scan of shows that really only two names are in the running: Dempster and Lohse. Both achieved a 3.3 or higher WAR (according to Fangraphs) in 2012, which puts them at or slightly better than Lester in 2012. To that point, I think we all agree we need more than another Lester (2012). What this tells me is that Cherrington and crew are hoping that Farrel will work his magic and get Lester to improve. We can then supplement the line up with another Lester type (e.g. Dempster and Lohse). Feels to me like this is a stop-gap.


  1. When you say we need another Lester (2012) do you really mean we need the 2010 Lester - the last year w/ Farrell? I think so. And the same Bucholz from that year. They each won something like 19 games that year. Or damn close. With Farrell coming back I will hope for the best w Lester. Which is why I was especially surprised to read Lester's name as possible trade bait. I mean really? I have to assume its just complete morons like Cafardo and Olney just throwing out ridiculous speculation that is entirely baseless.

    I can't get too excited about Lohse or Dempster. To me, they are both buy high guys. And they remind me of Matt Clement type of signings. Apparently the sox are going to offer short deals with big $$$ - which I think is a great strategy. They can afford it in the short term and then not get tied in long term. Hell, offer Hamilton a one year $33 deal. Why not.

    And as far as pitching, there has to be some value guy out there to be had without going the 4/5 year deals the dempster/sanchez want. Right?

    Anyway, following up on old stuff. I hate this team. Until proven otherwise. Glad that A-Gone and Beckett are gone. Whiners both of them. Aceves was a head case - actually not even sure if he's back or not. Good riddance Bobby V. Not that he was the problem. Hopefully Jacoby stays healthy with a 9 figure payday on his horizon (unsure on that guy). So maybe, just maybe the Gomes/Napoli/Pedey/Papi clubhouse can turn tide from the swill that we've been forced to injest for 15 months.

    Damn, I'm glad we are back. I love you guys. Well, except Jesse. Is he even alive?

  2. Demmpster rejected a deal with the Sox. He is a Clement type. Happy he didn't sign.

    I am thinking the Sox plan is to build their pen and lineup and the. See how Lester and Buchholz go. With so many uncertainties non the East, they may try to tread water and go after a big time starter near the deadline.

  3. Auto correct stinks. It butchered my last post.

  4. Good call on the Matt Clement reference. That was my point. Neither Dempster or Lohse get me excited. Grieves has a good point, the long-term view would be to give Lester/Bucholz and Farrell sometime to prove themselves and adjust mid-year if necessary. It certainly looks like Cherington is keeping his money on the sidelines for now.