Monday, December 03, 2012

Napoli On Board

I am going to continue with my analysis of the Sox.  Readers or not...

Napoli agreed today to join the Sox.  The roster is shaping up, but it isn't what Sox fans generally expect.  They are going for good guys, but are they going for good players.

The two additions they've made this far are Gomes and Napoli.  This is not the Crawford or Gonzalez of the past.  They will/should make for a better clubhouse, but will that translate to competing in the AL East?

Current Sox lineup:

CF  Ellsbury
2B  Pedroia
DH Ortiz
1B  Napoli
LF Gomes
3B  Middlebrooks
C   Salty/Lavarnway
SS  Iglesias/Ciriaco
RF  ???

This is not a bad lineup.  I am thinking they will now go hard after Swisher.  He fills out the RF role, and can play 1B while Napoli could catch.  That would most likely make Saltalamacchia a trading piece.

Again, let's not forget that there's been a lot of talk about Hamilton including Lucchino saying they wouldn't do long deals but then quickly taking that back.  That could mean a change of position for Ellsbury (RF) or a trade.

Having Ellsbury and Salty available for pitching may go a long way in this FA dry off-season.  Are the Sox building for a run this year despite all this talk of bridging and rebuilding?  It is starting to look that way.

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