Saturday, January 19, 2008


The GYS Network began three years ago today. Happy Birthday all. I have to say: I think we used to ramble on about random things much more than we do now. So here's a conversation topic: why don't baseball teams record their own ridiculous songs and music videos? The NFL has the Superbowl Shuffle, Fear Da Tiger, and this bit of awesome piece of awesomeness which I learned about only today. Why can't the 2008 Red Sox record an early-90's-style rap video? That would be great.

Update: Holy crap. Via Deadspin today, here's another, which may be the best/worst.


  1. Yeah, happy "birthday" everyone.

    I do miss some of the ramblings, but unfortunately, life gets in the way. in fact, i wanted to compose a little song/rap about
    GYS and all i could come up with was this, sung to the tune of Beastie Boys, Paul Revere :

    Now here's a little story - I've got to tell

    About four Sox fans - you know so well

    It started way back w/ baseball history

    With X and Earl, Dino and Ben Grieve.

    That's it. If given enough time we could pull in all sorts of references to the Sox and the Yankees, CHB, classic Grieve rants and the sort. We also could have all sorts of references to some of the side attractions - head explosions, Peter*, Jeff Passan, Anna Benson and, of course, Hazel Mae naked. We could reference how since this blog started, a couple of us have become fathers, there have been bi-coastal relationships, the Real Carl Everett won a WS ring, and Earl got a job.

    Unfortunately, I am not that inclined or creative to put it all to song.

    Happy birthday all, and to all, a great 2008.

  2. Happy Birthday!!!

    That's pretty cool. I am ridiculously psyched by our effort here - silly I know.

    Daisy asked me to tell X that she would be happy to set any items you can suggest to the Paul Revere. She's a tad bit of a lyricist (a la Grieve and Earl).