Friday, January 11, 2008

More inconsistencies

From 60 mintues:

WALLACE Did you know ahead of time what was going be in George Mitchell’s report?
CLEMENS I did not.
WALLACE Did Brian McNamee tell you what he was going to say to—
CLEMENS Didn’t tell me a word.

Yet now we learn that there is an audiotape of a conversation between McNamee and Clemens' investigators from the day before the report was released. Why would they be talking to McNamee? Seems odd to me.


  1. ...and now Mitchell says players were sent letters laying out the years of their alleged steroid use. Someone's lying. (And I don't think it's Mitchell.)

  2. Maybe I spoke too soon. Mitchell is telling the Congressional committee that the player's union refused en masse. So maybe individual players didn't know about specific allegations, as the union didn't pass them on.

    If that's the case, and Clemens is sincere that he would've talked to Mitchell had he known the allegations, he should be furious at the Players' Union.