Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Jeff Passan fan club

So, as we all know, if you Google Jeff Passan, the second link that comes up (after Passan's column) is Dino's classic post from almost 2 years ago, "Reading Jeff Passan is like snorting coke off the back of Anna Benson's naked body". (Actually, now that I type that, I realize it makes no sense: "the back of her body"? Why not just "her back"?) And of course, even Mr. Passan himself emailed me to express his approval. Which is awesome.

Anyway, that post gets more hits than any other at The Network (other than posts about "Hazel Mae naked"). Check out the comments! There are around 50; sort of a meeting place for people to complain about the guy. Then the spambots come by and really mess things up. But they go away, and people keep posting. Most recent post was just over a month ago:

Jeff Passan is about as enjoyable as reading about natural disasters.

God I love the internet.


  1. I am no grammar cop. In fact, despite my 4 years on the high school newspaper and the many writing course I had to take at Columbia I still suck at grammar.

    So the image I was trying to convey was a naked woman lying down and snorting coke off her back.

    As Earl suggests, I could have used the "her back". But how?

    Reading Jeff Passan is like snorting coke off Anna Benson's back while she is naked?

    I mean how do you fit in the fact that she is naked and that you are snorting it off her back. The fact that she is naked is WAY important.

    Maybe it should have been:

    Reading Jeff Passan is like snorting coke off a naked Anna Benson's back?

    It's just way too awkward.

  2. Just a few weeks ago, I was hanging out with a couple of hookers and an 8 ball of coke and since none of us had a portable mirror, I just bent one of the girls over the coffee table, pulled up her shirt, poured a few lines on her back and snorted them right there. So I have to agree with Dino, that the naked element of the description *is* way important.

  3. Yeah, don't you just hate it when you have no small mirror so have to settle for a woman's back? And then, when telling your friends about it, you have to figure out how to express her level of nakedness in a way that is not grammatically awkward? It really is a major problem of mine. Maybe I'll write Dear Abby and ask what she thinks.

    (How about "...Anna Benson's naked back.")