Sunday, January 06, 2008

60 Minutes

Anyone else watching? So far, not so good. Clemens looks really angry (I'm sure it was rehearsed); Mike Wallace is awful. Random moments:
  • Clemens argues that if he was using all these steroids, (paraphrasing) "Who I am getting them from? Why aren't they coming forward?" Uh, maybe because people who make a living selling illegal substances prefer not to announce that to the whole world?
  • Clemens said he couldn't have taken steroids because if he did "I'd have a 3rd ear out of my forehead, I should be pulling tractors with my teeth."
  • The "Swear?" "Swear." exchange is as cringe-inducing as you'd think.
  • Clemens (correctly) argues that lie detector tests may not work, but actually doesn't sound defensive while arguing that.
  • He mentions he's a target because people will try to take you down when you're "High on the flagpole, people can see your butt." Probably best not to bring up your butt in this context, Roger.
...And suddenly, it's over. Now Andy Rooney is talking to me. Holy fucking shit, he's awful


  1. 3 hours later and on the west coast, it was just as awful. actually that whole show was awful. except that hot british woman who interviewed musharraf.

    clemens was swallowing a lot during the questions. i'm not sure what it means, it just looked funny. I swear.

  2. Nice smoke screen by Clemens to get out of testifying in front of Congress.

    and I imagine even in his "press conference" today, he will say lots of things like "I wish I could answer that but due to pending litigation...."

  3. McNamee is sorta screwed, no? I mean, isn't it his word against Roid-gers? Without hard evidence, he will end up settling with Roid-ger.

  4. A couple of thoughts on this:

    McNamee probably does not have a pot to piss in, so settling isno good. Unless a settlement would be an admission that he lied, which of course would mean he goes to jail.

    And burden of proof is going to be tough. Clemens has admitted that McNamee injected him (after putting his website that he had not been injected.) Plus, McNamee was talking to Mitchell and it was Mitchell (and MLB) that made the info public. Although I guess that is a weaker argument.

    I love Earl's point that a drug dealer is not going to speak up about his business and who his clients are.

    I did watch the interview again and, I think, Clemens had had his fingers crossed when he said "I swear."

  5. Clemens admitted openly that he took all sorts of other drugs and painkillers to play the game, so why not something else that is supposed to speed up recovery time (like HGH)??? That argument made no sense to me...

    Secondly, talking about how taking steroids would SHORTEN his career also makes no sense. Talk to Palmiero and Bonds about that one.