Friday, January 04, 2008

Now the fun will begin

Clemens asked to testify. It is being called an invitation, not a subpoena. So we shall see if he attends.

We'll also see if Clemens learned anything from Bonds. He's kind of screwed. If he pulls the McGwire, he destroys his legacy. If sticks to the B-12, Lidocaine story, he will likely end up with every investigative journalist in the country following him around. A new book next spring - The Rocket's Shadow?


  1. While a bad part of me is pretty happy about the Clemens thing, I really wish Congress would stay the ^%&$ out of this. Don't they have better things to do? Yet at the same time, they arguably have the right to be involved, given the anti-trust exemption.

    I'd love to see Congress and MLB get rid of the exemption, AND all Congressional meddling in baseball.

  2. The funny thing is, the supposed "anti-trust exemption" really is a misnomer. Basically it goes back to a couple of court rulings (over player movement) where the Fed court said baseball is not interstate commerce and the state's should regulate. Its not like their is some law that says "hey baseball, you're free." And the same "exemption" also applies to football, NBA, etc.

    It has more to do with their egos than this anti-trust exemption.