Thursday, September 06, 2007

Two Questions

One - without looking up the internet... what mlb pitcher has allowed the most HRs this year.

Two - Matt, please respond to this.


  1. I am going to guess Matsuzaka...

  2. Yes, where is the fire in a team with a 6-game lead?

    Nice that dope wrote that Schilling pitched with a depleted lineup.

    So did Dice-K, so did Beckett...

    Where was that Yankees fire when they were getting beaten by the Devil Rays? Then losing the opener to the M's? How's Clemens feeling?

    Cleveland beat the Twins...big deal! Were the Twins who were way out to begin with really a threat to take the Central? NO way...

    I will try to rant more later, but I am off to Amsterdam!

  3. Wow! Have fun... that sounds awesome.

  4. Amsterdam - have a blast. There might be a lot of Yankee fans have there. Listening to many of their fans, they definitely have been smoking something.

  5. And the answer to the question....


  6. For the record, I saw the question and was like "I'm totally gonna win this" and then saw that you'd already given it away, X. I claim credit anyway.

  7. Oh, and - unsurprisingly, I'd guess - the whole 'this team lacks fire meme that seems to be the chosen (only possible?) way for Sox fans to whine about this current team drives me nuts. It's becoming more and more evident that 'lacks fire' is a lazy way of saying 'sometimes they lose ballgames'. And that Wilbur piece is just lazy - they have baseball's best record "barely"? Is that supposed to be an insult? This team has been playing .600 ball for two months, and will likely finish the season with a well-earned record of about 97-65. They've done it with the best pitching staff in the game and the third best offense in the AL (and before anyone says anything, the second best since the ASB). But hey, we only have two walk-off wins, so we suck.