Monday, September 17, 2007

I hope some lessons have been learned

By Francona. It seems like about 5 times in the last month, he has left one of his vet pitchers in a game far too long. In a tie game or with the Sox only one or two behind, he has a tendency to leave Schill, Beckett, even dice K, in the game. And the results have not been good. Sure Schilling was pitching well last night. But by the time Jeter hit the HR, Schill was struggling. The most pitches of any inning. Plus he had left a few balls up. I hope in the playoffs, Terry now knows to go get the guy out of the game. I'm sure he has less confidence in the pen than he did a month ago, but I still would rather see Delcarmen's first pitch against Jeter than Schilling's 90th.


  1. Well, judging by tonight's lineup, I am not sure the Sox realize they are in a penant race...

    With 13 games left, (14 for the Yankees), it is not impossible to imagine the Sox losing the division. The Yankees are only 4 back in the loss column, and thanks to the blown games this weekend win the division if they finish with the same record.

    It looks like Youk is hurt (not in the lineup again tonight), Cash is catching, and Cora is at SS. Where is Manny?

    Maybe the game is "just make the playoffs"...Maybe Francona is playing the "rest them up" game. Why not, really? I mean it is just about making the playoffs. They have a 7-game lead in the Wild Card...but would be nice to win the division...

  2. Yeah, it's not clear lessons have in fact been learned. Or at least that Francona thinks winning the AL East matters. (Maybe it doesn't?)