Thursday, September 20, 2007

Brilliant analysis

Jerry Crasnick, saying that the trade for Eric Gagne had a negative impact on the Sox:

"To make matters worse, Gagne's problems have been contagious. Okajima has a 7.04 ERA since Gagne's arrival."

I really hope that was a joke, but I don't think it was. Yes, Gagne's been awful. But does anyone really think he's made Okajima worse? We were all confused (happily so) about why the Sox picked up another setup man. Now we know why they did: there was some concern about Okajima's durability over the entire season. Had Gagne not arrived, Okajima probably would've gone on the DL in late August.

Not to say the trade was a good idea, but it's pretty damn stupid to blame Okajima's troubles on it.


  1. Crasnick is a dope. I think he forgets (or never really paid attention) to how psyched the team was to have him.

    If the Sox had not made the trade, imagine all the screaming we would have heard once Oki started to struggle. Everyone would have said the Sox were dumb to stand still (see 2006).

  2. Not for nothing, but I think that the Sox should seriously consider moving Delcarmen into the setup role, and having Corey become the 6th/7th inning guy for now.


    Anytime Timlin or Gagne is warming up to go in the game, you must have someone else warming up.

    Looking at the upcoming matchups...The only game that should be a struggle SHOULD be the first one against Kazmir. Luckily, Beckett gets the start. Maybe a sweep in Tampa can get these guys rolling again (not to mention it gets them in the playoffs) they have a night off tonight.

    The Yankees get Toronto...Halladay v. Wang, Marcum v Kennedy, Macgowan v Clemens...Hopefully Toronto can do some damage with those pitching matchups...because the Yankees have it easy compared to the Sox after this weekend...