Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Just Make The Playoffs?

The Sox have the unfortunate injuries to Ramirez and Youkilis happen late in the season. The Yankees had their injuries all early on...Obviously, the Yankees are playing extremely well. They've won 11 of their last 13, and if they keep up that pace, the division is theirs...

So, looking at the injuries above, do you rush back Ramirez and Youk to try to maintain the division championship, or do you try to get healthy for the post-season? All Sox fans have been frustrated by the recent slumping, and the inability to put away the Yankees. But, with the magic number of "4" sitting in front of the Sox and the post-season (any combo of Detroit losses and Sox wins), do you push for the division title? Yes, it means gloating by the Yankees fans. But, does it matter?

Well, let's remember a few things. The Sox went in to the '05 post-season with their rotation all out of order. I won't remind anyone of how that went. Last year, they don't even make the playoffs. And, the most important one of all...They went in to the '04 playoffs as a Wild Card and healthy...

Look, the Sox will win 4 more games before the season is over. Heck, if the Sox go 6-4 the rest of the way, the Yankees must go 9-2 to win the division (they win the tiebreaker). If that happens, the Yankees deserve the division.

I'd like to have rested and healthy Manny and Youkilis, and a lined up starting rotation heading into the post-season. It would be nice to celebrate the division crown. I will feel the pain of not holding on to a huge lead, if they don't follow through. No doubt about it. But, I would rather see a shot at a World Series. And resting the injured guys, as opposed to rushing them back to just win the division doesn't seem like the right thing to do at this point.

And, just sit Gagne and you win the division (the last part was a joke, sort of...)


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  2. I am interested in what Tara had to say...was she a Yankees fan?

  3. Nah... She was some spambot... I hate spambots more than I hate Gagne.

  4. I really like the Gibbons is showing Francona how to actually manage a game. After Terry pulled a Grady last night, tonight in the 8th and the jays wiinning by a run, Gibbons makes a pitching change to get to the lefty-lefty versus Ortiz with the tying run on.

    Then with the speedy Elsbury on base, they wait unitl two strikes and two outs to send him. Too late to do any damage. But then the Jays get Rios on in the bottom of the 8th and off he goes, with zero out.

    Oh well, at least DET keeps losing.

  5. Sure, but tonight's loss was not on Francona.

  6. Is that supposed to make us feel better?

    This one is on a lineup that had varitek and hinskie batting 6th and 7th.

  7. Well no, the loss sucked. But there's been so much complaining about Tito's pitcher management lately (including your last comment) that I thought it needed to be said.

    Probably someone, somewhere will blame Tito for "keeping Papelbon in too long".

  8. Normally I am not one to overly criticize the manager, but lately his moves have really not paid off. My biggest gripe is the leaving the veterans in to get the win when it is late and tied or one run behind. And the Gagne move yesterday was silly. I know he is working with a weakened pen, but it has been really bad.

    Schill on Sat.
    Dice K a couple weeks ago vs NYY
    Even Beckett in his game in NY vs. clemens (beckett gave up an important extr run).

    I know a lot of people go over board and blame him for everything, including the high price of gas, global warming and traffic, but I do think recently he has not been making the best decisions.

  9. No, I totally agree. Which has been weird because for most of this season he had been nearly perfect - basically only good moves. So it's weird that all his bad ones are happening now.