Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ridiculous item of the week

Okay, so last week, I noted that I thought Torri Hunter has lost a step. He must read GYS and have felt the need to prove me wrong because he came up with a gem last night.

But the silliness is that one of the Twins beat writers is saying that it might be one of the five greatest catches ever. Now, I'm sorry, but good grief. NO catch in May, can be one of the greatest ever. It was pretty. Well, maybe not pretty since he slipped when he was going after int. The writer even compared to the Willie Mays catch. Actually his comparison just shows how JV the article is - it named, I kid you not, Wikipedia, as a source of information. Amazing.

But back to catches. Five greatest. How about a few that easily come to mind:

Endy Chavez last year NLCS
Willie Mays
Devon White had an amazing catch in one of the TOR WS 92 or 93
Dewey in the 75 WS, resulting in a double play
Torii Hunter robbing bonds in the ASG
Ted Williams broke his elbow making a great catch in the 1950 ASG
If you want early season catches, how bout the one last year in TEX (I'm thinking Gary Matthews, but I know that is wrong)
Kevin Mitchell bare handed
Bo Jackson catching and then running along the top of the fence
Jim Edmonds had one where he went flat out toward the CF wall, back to home plate
Dimaggio got robbed in one of the Yankee WS by some no name - almost as famous for him kicking the dirt at second after he saw that the OF hung onto the ball after his dive
And some will say Jeter on 7/1/2004, even though he totally played that up - caught it while still in fair territory and for some reason had trouble slowing down (it amazes me how so many people make it now seem like he laid out and actually caught the ball in the stands, it was not even close)

So, no, Torri's catch last night was good. But not even close to top 5 ever.

Also, did anyone see the Marlin celebration after D-Lowe gave up the walk off to Willingham. I really thought willingham was going to get into a fight with Miguel Cabrera. His teammate. Strange.


  1. That whole "even though we never leave the roof open when it is cold or damp, but lets do it tonight just because Wake is pitching and he pitches well indoors" thing did not work out so well. Riccardi might be getting a little too cute. First his whole BJ Ryan affair, now this, and if I can see it 3,000 miles away in CA, everyone can see it, his ace is clearly hurting and, I'm sure, will end up the DL by Memeorial Day. Could it be Karma?

  2. Another two great catches?

    There is a video (probably on YouTube) from about 15 years ago. Japanese player. Hurricane link fence. He scales the fence, essentially stands on top of it and takes away the home run.

    Another one from about 10 years ago. Minor League player makes the catch running full speed through the wooden fence.

    And one by me in Little League about 25 years ago...I ruled!