Thursday, May 03, 2007

April showers bring May flowers?

What has that got to do with anything? Nothing. I just thought it sounded nice. Plus I can stretch this out to a fun little anology. Showers equals NY's slump and flowers equal Roger Clemens. There is an interesting take on the Clemens Decision 2007 Yea.. at this point I think Roger's Annual decision is worthy of a Fox Newsesque title... Decision 2007.

The Sox quick start certainly makes things more interesting as does the Yankee's slump. Roger clearly has more connections and friends in NY (not to mention championships), but would he put those friendships over winning? If the Sox can keep up this pace they certainly can make a compelling argument for Clemens to join them and forgot about those slumping Yankees. That being said, would George open his purse to offer even more (oh, wait is that a man-purse?)? We know how Roger loves the green-stuff.

As a Sox fan, I am slightly torn. The idea of a starting rotation made up of Schilling, Beckett, DiceK, Clemens, and Wake/Lester/Taverez is awesome. That being said, the extra perks that Clemens wants (not traveling with the team on road trips) will surely be a clubhouse annoyance. Not to mention the fact that Roger will certainly steal the limelight from Schrilling and can you honestly see Clemens and Manny/Ortiz doing the high-five routine in the dug out?

At this point, I'd pass. Clemens may make a sweet addition to the line up and I certainly don't want to face him in New York, but I think he'd be more distraction than additional value.

Go Sox!


  1. Well, here is where I am not torn.

    Take him if you can get him...

    The pitching on this team is extremely strong, but if you can move Clemens into that rotation, you've all but locked up the division, and I don't care how strong the Yankees lineup is.


    Yes, please...

    Then look to the playoffs...who else can match that starting front 4, and then Wake moves to the pen...

    Also, Milwaukee is killing in the NL Central making Houston way less of a threat. He'd be more of a threat if he joined the Texas Rangers.

    There are tons of questions in NY. Clemens, Pettitte, Mussina, Wang, ???...By the way, Pavano is now talking to a surgeon. And keep in mind that Mussina and Wang have both suffered hamstrings, which have a way of recurring.

    Now, go look at the rotation listed above, and leave the Yankees with Pettitte, Mussina, and Wang..

    You still don't want him?

  2. I honestly don't think Clemens wants to go to the strongest contender. I think he wants to go where he can get all (or most of) the credit for making the difference between being out of the playoffs and winning a WS. I think he'd make a much bigger difference to NY than to Boston... but I still think if he does come back, he'll go to the Astros. I don't think he'll want his numbers to blow up in the AL for his "final" year.

  3. I am not saying Clemens will come to Boston...just saying it would be nice...

  4. Grieve... I think what I meant to say was HELL YEA, Clemens would be an awesome addition to our rotation on paper. I just don't think it's the best solution given the garbage... baggage that comes with it.

  5. Considering that it took this pitching staff 27 games to give up 100 runs, they don't NEED him.


    He is a huge upgrade over Tavarez.

    He helps win the division for the Sox.

    However, I might find it difficult to root for a team that hires mercenaries like Clemens...

    I do think that they are going for it this year, though, before they seriously start to go young. I could see them gunning for the Series win and then bringing up Ellsbury and/or Murphy, and more young pitching for the pen...and having a few not so hot years.

  6. There is no chance in hell that the current ownership would approach any season with the idea of having a few not so hot years, or rebuilding, or whatever it would be called.

    they know they would get skewered by the media for charging the highest prices in baseball (they started to hear that last September), and their TV rates would go way down if the team is not competitive.

    I agree they will mix in young players, but that will be more so that they can get/pursue high end guys like Zambrano or whomever is available. They have Schilling ($13MM), Clement ($9MM), Tavarez ($3.3), Lowell ($9MM), Hinske (paid $5.75, although I think some is coming back from Tor), Timlin ($3MM), Pinerio likely won't make $4MM next year with Bos. That is a lot of $$ freed up.

    And really with a rotation of Beckett, Dice-K, Lester, Fee Agent X, Wake/Bucholz, Papelbon as the closer (or maybe a starter), they will still have Manny, Ortiz, Drew. They are one of the better positioned teams.

    As for Clemens. Tough call. I can't stand the guy. Then again, a week ago I couldn't stand Randy Moss. However, the guy has never shown a sentimental bone to exist in his body. And sentiment (finish where it starts, pass Cy Young on the Sox victory list) is the ONLY reason he would come back to Boston. I'm guessing he either stays in HOU for $22MM (prorated) again or the Yanks make it $30+MM prorated ($1MM per start) and too irresistible for the Texas Con Man to pass up. I doubt it will have much to do with being the white knight or the hero.

  7. Well...Crisp and Pena have the rest of this year to prove themselves. Ellsbury got moved up to AAA already and he'll probably be up in September with the expanded rosters...

    But, they may look to lose the Manny contract at the end of this year and take a serious run at another younger free agent to replace Lowell, or maybe even Pedroia if he doesn't pan out...They also have some outfield talent in the minors that are looking for open spots in the bigs...but Drew is here to stay for a few years, and they've been wanting to dump Manny's contract for years now.

  8. As for Clemens...

    If he goes to the Yankees, I am not too concerned.

    Their bullpen is not good and he is not a seven to eight inning guy anymore.

    That, however, is not a problem for the Sox. They have many arms in the pen. For example, Timlin heads back to the DL (why do I think this will keep happening this year with him?) and Davern Hanseck is up to replace him. He's one of many choices, too...

    But, Clemens will go for the money...not the sentimentality...Although, he is a big baseball historian guy. Becoming the top Red Sox pitcher of all time might mean something to him.