Saturday, May 05, 2007

Random thoughts for a Saturday

In no specific order....

Not too many years ago, Torri Hunter would have caught JD Drew's triple last night. No doubet about it. And he didn't even lay hiimself all the way out trying to get it.

What is up with Okajima's head when he throws the ball. How does he hit the target if he is not even looking at it.

And what is the deal with the Lugo crotch grabbing. And the Brendan Donnelly crotch grabbing as well.

Where are all the naysayers now on the Beckett deal. Sure, Hanley is having another great season (maybe even better), but Annibel has walked 19 guys in 30 innings and is back in AAA. Meanwhile Beckett has bee pretty good this year.

Speaking of Beckett..... Last year through 6 starts. 3HR. This year. Only 1.

I was going to touch on Pavano as well. It is hard to resist the temptation to gloat, but with all these injuries, and with all that cash, I worry about what the Yanks will do. Dontrelle? A chance on Harden?

that was an interesting stop and stare at the HR by many on Thursday.... I'm surprised the next batter (I think it was Youk) did not get a fastball in the back.

Drinking and driving kills. We all know that. but I really don't like the angle with which this story is being portrayed. Frist it was whispers of what was he doing in that neighborhood. Now it is whole drinking in the clubhouse. The saddest part is that this was someone's life.

An unassisted triple play and 4 HR in a row all in one + week. Nice.

This morning's AL East standings are pretty neat. Boston alone in first. And all four other teams 6.5 games back.


  1. Think this is the latest in the season the Devil Rays were 2nd place in the division?

  2. Re: 2006 he walked 7 guys in one start. In 2007, he's walked only 5 in the last five games.

    Also, in 2006 the big complaint (which I totally agree with) was that he could "throw" but not "pitch". Whenever he was in a jam he'd try to blow by the batter with his fastball. No more. It's amazing what one offseason can do.

  3. I read that stat earlier today. It IS the latest the D-Rays have been in second. Bu they are also tied for last, so the more things change, the more they stay the same.

    Double no hitter jinx. Both only in the 4th, but Garland and Wang.


    Looks like a Yankee starter may actually make it into the 6th...


  5. uh-oh...6 perfect innings...

  6. Wow. The Yanks score 19 runs in tow days and go 1-1.

  7. Also, Jeff Weaver gives up 6 runs in 5.2 innings and his ERA goes down. By THREE POINTS.

  8. Also, Buster Olney wrote a silly piece about how they should ban beer in all clubhouses.

    Everything is an overreaction these days.

    Another random thing:
    Mark Loretta is hitting .392...

    Anyone watching the De La Hoya fight tonight? It is pay-per-view tonight, but HBO will probably air it in its entirety sometime next week...

  9. Along the same lines of the 19 runs and 1-1, how about giving up 4 runs in 2 games and going 1-1. Double ugh.

    If you told me that Santana would be gone after 5 and that Taverez and the pen would only give up tow runs, I would have been willing to wager large amounts of $$ that the Sox would win.

    I'm getting the fight. I could wait til next week, but that takes a bit of the drama out of it. I never liked oscar much after he quit agains Trinidad, but Mayweather is a punk, as great as he. Mayweather will probably win an uninspiring decision, but I'm hoping Oscar finds a way to counter that speed and get through to Floyd and knock him around 8 or 9. We'll see.