Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Jinx (Hey its never to early when it comes to NY)

Phil Hughes has a no-hitter in the 4th. With the Yanks up 6-0 and Hughes pitching well, I'm sure all the headlines will be how Phil saves the season.


  1. I guess the jinx kind of worked. He left the game with an injury (no-no still in progress).

  2. Nice job...Jinxes rule...

    Meanwhile, the pen coughs up a certain win in Fenway.

    Papelbon looked really bad. No control and velocity was down. Okajima still unbelievable...

  3. Hamstring injury...seriously, what the hell is going on with the Yankees pitchers and hamstrings?

    I don't think that I've ever heard of a pitcher suffering from a pulled hamstring. The Yankees now have had 3 this year.

  4. Well, Clemens has had a number of hammy injuries. But the Yanks recent run of hammy pulls has been attributed to their new conditioning coach/program which has stressed NOT running.

    Speaking of jinxes - GR noted today that Paps and Donelly have been awesome and then go out and each give up a run. From now on, please point out Jeter's 18 game hitting streak or A-Rod's awesome april.

  5. In my defense...Papelbon gave up two runs...


  6. Also, many movie starlets WON'T make out with me...

    Let's see how that one works!