Thursday, May 17, 2007

Double Dip

Discussion on the double header???

Sox grab 1-0 lead in the first on a Manny Ramirez single.


  1. Tavarez is dealing!

    Really, Grieve?




    Come on Lowell!!!


    PS - Lowell's song is "Iron Man".

  3. 2-1 Sawx...

    1-0 other Sox (White) over Yankees...

  4. Ok, I am going on record that pinch hitting for Hinske with Wily Mo was a very bad idea...

    Now, in a 2-1 game, Wily Mo will be in right field for the 7th, 8th, and 9th innings...

  5. Yikes...and he struck out...

  6. And I know Tavarez is pitching well, but he's at about 100 pitches 6 1/3 in...Perhaps time to go to the pen?

  7. come on Taverez... do it for Earl!!!

  8. Ok, this is my last comment if no one else chimes in...

    I was wrong about the 7th and Tavarez...

    He k'd two of three hitters!

    On to the eighth...

  9. Okajima in the game...heart of the Detroit lineup...

  10. Okay - bring in Paps.

    This would be a huge win.

    Like Bob ryan wrote today, the team has some adversity, now lets see what they can do.

    GR noted a few weeks back that NY had an easy 13 game stretch while the Sox played some tougher teams. NY did okay (8-5, I think) but still lost 2 games in the standings. Well, now both have a tough couple of weeks coming up, so it should be a decent barometer.

  11. Okajima is sick! 13 pitches... 3 outs... Love that kid.

  12. Both Okajima and Paps were awesome. Very little in the way of pitch count. Let's hope that Schill is solid in Game 2, and that the offense produces a bit more...

    By the way, 4-0 White Sox right now. With a win tonight the Red Sox could be up by 9.5 games...

  13. I'd like to see Schill go a solid 7 innings, the Sox score about 8 runs and then we can use Piniero to close out the last couple innings. I have a feeling they are going to need some innings out of the pen tomorrow.

    Gabbard - 4-5 innings
    Snyder, Donelly, Romero, Oki and Paps an inning each.

  14. Who pitches Sunday? is reporting that Wake is being used for Monday? If we use Gabbard on Friday who's on Sunday? It's amazing what one pitcher out of your line up can do!

  15. What is kind of annoying is that the Yanks are aobut to lose 2 of 3 against CHI and CHI are not hitting at all. Dye, Crede and Konerko are around the Mendoza line, Thome and Scotty Pods are out. I'm sure by the time we play them, they will be hitting on all cylinders....

  16. Without looking...Schill tonight.

    Gabbard tomorrow.

    Daisuke on Saturday...

    I actually heard they might bring Tavarez back on a few days rest to face the Braves on Sunday, so that the opener against the Yankees is Wakefield.

  17. X, while that is true...It isn't like the Yankees could have done much worse against them...

    What I am most angry about is the end of September (hopefully, it won't matter then...but I still have a feeling it might matter very much).

    2 against Oakland, and 4 against Minnesota...

    Yankees have 3 at Tampa and 3 at Baltimore...

  18. Are they holding out hope that Beckett only needs tow extr days?

    Or would they send Gabbard down and bring someone else back up?

    I had heard the same thing about Julian on short rest but don't think it would be 2 days rest now that he has just thrown over 100 pitches.

  19. The someone else would have to be Runelvys Hernandez, as Hanseck could only come up that soon if Beckett DLs it.

    But Beckett still might be able to go against NY.

    But, with the way Tavarez pitched today, I will be happy with him against NY.

  20. I know, they still lost (are losing) 2 of 3.

    I actually don't mind the OAK, MN series. At least they are home. And they are 2 teams that we could be battling for the WC.

    Plus the Yanks always struggle in TB. Like you said, hopefully it won't matter.

  21. Or it could be a phantom injury maybe Javy Lopez?

  22. Is Lopez still up?

    What about Drew? If he's hurt (dl) do we see Murphy? Moss?

    I doubt we see Elsbury...too soon.

  23. Hinske is the man!!

    Okay, so this did not go exactly as planned. But 3 more outs and they have the win.

    Should I just save Schilling the time in making his blog entry.

    “Some days you just have no feel. Tonight was one of those nights. From the minute I took my first toss in the bullpen, I knew that I was going to have to battle. So that’s what I did. I had to do my best to save the bullpen for, blah, blah blah.”

  24. And yes, Lopez came up when Hansack went down. I guess if Drew is really hurt, they could bring up Hansack for one start and then send him back down. the beauty of the rules (I think) are that he can be recalled if ANYONE gets hurt, it does not have to be another pitcher. At least that is the rule for the postseason roster, so I assume it is the same for regular season.

    Then after the start, they could call up an extra OF.
    although I don't think you bring up one of the kids. You have Hinske and Pena that can both play OF. They have Michael Tucker in Paswtucket - he has ML experience and could play the 5th OF roll.

    If you call up the kids you want them to play. And I'm not sure they want to start the clock on their 3 years for Ellsbury. Although you never know - maybe it is time to showcase Murphy.

  25. Their outfield situation is weird...

    Drew is signed long term.

    You would think that Manny will be back for the next two years on options.

    Coco Crisp will probably be traded in the off-season.

    But...they have three legit guys at AAA right now in Moss, Murphy, and Elsbury. How long can they make these kids wait? Elsbury could be down there for another year, maybe...It isn't really fair to not get Moss or Murphy up next year...Are they both tradeable?

    Then look at the FAs in the upcoming offseason. Do you make a run at Andru Jones or any of the other guys?

    But, why look so far ahead. 9.5 game lead, and 3 of 4 from Detroit...

  26. Hahaha X, that is perfect 38pitches material.