Saturday, May 05, 2007


Brian Cashman, on Carl Pavano:
It clearly hasn’t worked out, there is no doubt about that. We signed a player who we expected to be a horse in our rotation. Physically, he hasn’t held up, period.
I can't understand why they expected he'd be a "horse" (though I'm sure there's a good Barbaro joke in there somewhere). The folks at Baseball Prospectus certainly didn't agree:
2001: Expect to find Pavano’s picture under the definition of "tendinitis."
2002: Pavano’s medical history reads like a script from ER minus the incestuous frolicking by an ethnically diverse cast.
Nice. But what blows my mind is that the Sox were going after him as well. Really, what were they thinking? And this isn't the first time the high-spending Yankees saved the Sox from making a disastrous free agent signing (see Contreras, Jose). Has Theo ever said anything publicly about this?

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