Saturday, December 08, 2007

That was fun... this is now

Evidence of more "blocking and tackling" work done by boy-genius. Offering arbitration to Gagne sounded risky to the Fenway faithful, but if Gagne jumped ship it would net us sandwich-picks (if I've got this crap correct). After last season, I think everyone in Green Monstah territory would agree that a sandwich pick is better than Gagne at this point.

Tim Brown is reporting the Brew Crew is close to inking a deal. Gagne would fill the hole left by Francisco Cordero who signed with the Reds for a 4-year deal. God speed good sir. I hope his career bounces back, because I honestly have no reason to hate him other than the fact that he ALMOST become the next Bill Buckner. I don't blame Bill and I wouldn't have blamed Gagne, but still I'm not going to miss him.


  1. The arbitration/draft pick equation changed a couple of years ago. And struck a balance between making some provisions more friendly for teams and some for players.

    It used to be the top 30% of players are each position were type A and the next 30% were type b. The change made the percentages the top 20 and the next 20 - this is a benefit for the players since type A FAs require the signing team to give up their top pick (more on that later), so a player would be perceived to be less expensive if they are type B than A (since the acquirer does not have to forfeit the picks).

    The change that benefits the teams is that signing teams only lose a pick for Type A FA. Whereas in the old system it was a first rounder for an A and a second rounder for a B (with teams in the bottom half of the standings being "protected" by one round (i.e., if TB signs a Type A player they lose their second round pick, not their first).

    And now Type B FAs only get a team a sandwich pick. Actually, Theo offerring arbitration is kind of a no brainer. It didn't restrict MIL's ability to sign him by increasing the cost. And if Gagne accepted (and with Boras his agent, not likely), they could have cut him in spring training for 1/6 of the arbitration award. A small risk, but most teams are doing it today.

    There is some speculation that agents and teams talk about this as well. Especially for the B agents, since there is no cost. Theo could easily have had the conversation with Boras - "hey we want to offer him arbitration to get the pick, we think he won';t accept, right? But if you accept, we will cut him in March" when it would be much harder to find him a job since most teams would have filled out their roster.

    But, yes it is nice to get a pick for him.

  2. GAGNE GOT 10MM Dollars for 1 year from Milwaukee...Um, were they watching him pitch????

  3. And there are those who say that Scott boras has lost his mojo.

    On a one year deal, it is not that bad a deal for the Brew Crew. What were their options? Derrick Turn-blow? Or trade for one of the three four available closers - Chad Cordero, Nathan, Street, Fuentes? I'm sure their teams would ask for a very good prospect on top of the salaries they will command. And then if Gagne has even a decent year, they will get two draft pick0s when he leaves.

    But yeah, if he pitches like he did in Boston. Or blows up like in 05 and 06. Then yeah, they will be asking "what the hell were we thinking."