Friday, December 21, 2007

A new high/low at 38pitches

Schilling's most recent blog post is actually pretty good - I have to say I agree with most of it (a first!). In it he defends a previous post in which he suggests Clemens should clear his name or give his Cy Youngs back. Commenters - 703 of them - went insane, trotting out "innocent until proven guilty" - 57 times total. (For comparison, "shut up" appears 30 times, "blowhard" 5 times.) His response is spot on:
You can argue the innocent until proven guilty angle all day long, and legally you would be right, but like just about every single one of you I make opinions and judgments on people without seeing a court decision handed down.
Damn, sometimes the guy actually makes sense. Anyway, that's not the reason I'm posting now. It's because his response already has 390 comments. And #3 has perhaps the best single sentence I have ever read in my whole life:
I’m not trying to be critical or anything but maybe some of our baseball greats just need to approach the whole mitchell report with a grain assault.
Man, that is just awesome. He's right: what we need is a grain assault. Thank you calio4life for making my week. Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas, all.

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  1. This one's pretty good, also:

    Cuestion for you,Mr.Perfect;
    Is there a way to explain how this so called “Big Papi” (a line drive powerless,extra size player Whom was let goed by the Twins just for those facts & and before you start finding a lie to cover up Ortiz;let me tell you that followed his career since he played Winter League Baseball in The Dominican Republic) as soon as he arrived at The Magical City of Boston,suddenly & out of the blue,David Ortiz is a home run threar & a menace at the plate? A guy that washed out pitcher in every league never fear or respect as a power hitter.But of course maybe people don’t realize that there’s a liason at the top level of this so called” investigation “who is protecting the so clean immage of The Bean Town Puritans.How about that for your t-shirts slogan ?”The Bean Town Puritans”I’ve seen so many people drawn in their own fecies by all the garbage they talked,but I’ve never see such a Big Fella’ who can’t control his tongue.