Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Non-PED-related post

Driving by Fenway at 6am this morning I noticed all the stadium lights were on and there was a big crane inside. Does anyone know what they're doing? Adding still more seats?


  1. The big noticeable project will be on the left field roof box area, just to the left of the green monster. They are taking down the old auxillary press box that was constructed for the 99 ASG (and later converrted to a few luxury boxes). They are replacing that with a seating/standing area, probably like the one on the RF side.

    I'm not sure if that is where the crane is.

    Oh and the other project I have heard about is in CF where the "garage door" is - they were planning on replacing the door with see through window and opening a restaurant bar under the CF bleachers. I doubt that is where the crane is.

    And they are doing a whole bunch of other stuff, some of which we would hardly notice (reinforcing the structure, adding sprinklers, etc).

  2. I believe that the crane is there to extract blood to test Fenway for steroids and HGH. This was line item 80 in the accounting report.

    The actual money put into the Mitchell report was $10 for a used copy of "Game of Shadows", another $5.75 for Canseco's book (holiday discount on Amazon), and a $100 Amtrak train ticket for the ex-NY clubhouse attendant. The remaining millions were for Fenway testing.

    As a Sox fan I will be shocked and appauled if the old structure is not using some kind of PED. How else could it still be standing strong and performing at such an advanced age?