Friday, January 19, 2007

Two thoughts....

With Sammy Sosa signing with Rangers, we should all take a deep breath and be thankful (I suppose), for this brings thoughts of what might have been. Not a lot of people remember that Sammy had signed with the Red Sox before the 1995 season when the owners imposed their own "new" rules on free agency, reducing it from 6 years to 4 years and making Sosa a FA. However the union and MLB soon reached a new agreement and Sosa went back to CHI and immediately began a run of 8 years where he AVERAGED 50 HRs. Who knows how a few of those Sox playoff teams would have fared with Nomar, Mo, Pedro and Sammy. They probably never had enough pitching, but it would have been interesting. But even worse, we would have found ourselves more firmly entrenched in the Steroid saga.

Is Trot Nixon freaking out that he does not have a job next year? For a guy that seems to love competition, I would think the thought of playing in Pittsburgh, Washington or Baltimore would probably bum him out more than the fact that his salary is likely to go from $8MM to about $500,000 - $1MM.


  1. Nixon will be joining Foulke in Cleveland. $3M, so he can't be too bummed.

  2. That is great for him. I guess if Gary Mattews Jr gets $10MM, $3MM for Trot is not too bad even if he only plays 100 games per year. Plus CLE should compete in the central. It actually sets them up nicely with a Nixon/Blake platoon and throw Delucci into the mix and they have a nice rotation of solid OFers next to Grady. If Marte and Barfield play like some people believe they can, they couild be a damn good team.

  3. Good luck to Trot. I wish he weren't so injury prone. It's a lot of fun to watch him play. He plays the game 100% (when healthy).

    X, you beat me to the fact that they have a really nice OF in Cleveland now.

    Part of me feels like the Sox should have signed him for a similar contract with a questionable Crisp and an injury prone Drew. But, then again, I know that the Sox want Wily Mo to get 400+ at bats this year.

  4. Maybe the Sox should have signed Trot to a similar deal...I know they want Wily Mo to get 400+at-bats, but I am not so sure...Let's look at Pena's numbers in Winter Ball. He is batting .091 (4-for-44) with four RBIs and one run scored.

    Throw in a questionable Coco and injury prone Drew...

  5. Yikes...weird stuff going on with posting here. I started a post, then highlighted a lot of it and deleted, then published my finished product...then my deleted version came back as a separate post...