Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Two things are annoying me this morning, and one way more than the other...

One...The JD Drew deal...The Sox are paying him a lot of money to come in here and bat fifth. I am looking forward to that providing he is healthy. But this has been dragging on for quite a while now. Both sides are saying that "legalese" is holding up the final contract. Medical language and legal language combined can be tough to wade through, I understand that...However, there must be some serious nitpicking on both sides for this to drag on and on and on. The Sox must have serious doubts as to the durability of Drew and they are looking to financially protect themselves. Great move. Except that, perhaps, while protecting themselves financially they may hurt the team on the field. If Drew's shoulder puts him to the DL a few times, this severely thins the lineup. Sure, the Sox aren't on the hook to pay him during those times (possibly), or his salary is severely reduced during those times (more likely), the product on the field suffers. How are fans not supposed to doubt Drew's potential durability when the FO is willing to go months after the signing without the formal announcement because they are trying to craft language to protect themselves?

Second...Pat Fans...Seriously, they are such "homers", I can't take it. I know...they win and win...The team should get respect (and they do)...Is there anyone really thinking that they aren't going to the Super Bowl this year? But, many players and reporters saw the Pats taunting fans and mimicking the (ridiculous) Merriman sack dance on the Chargers logo. I know Merriman is silly, but if the Chargers were dancing on the Patriot and Brady or Dillon or Brown got in the face of a Charger, he'd be a hero looking out for the Pats' respect. Here, LT is a cry-baby. Yes, LT made comments afterward about Belicheck being classless, but it stemmed from the players dancing on the logo.

I don't Pats fans, the team does NOTHING wrong. In discussing last year's playoff loss to Denver (with two Pats fans here)...the Pats gave the game away...Denver did not cause turnovers or make opportune moments count. The Pats gave it away.

When comparing it to McCree fumbling the game winning INT this week (and the Pats recovering it), it was the Pats doing what the Pats always do. Finding ways to win...

Sorry, had to vent...Drives me nuts...

By the way, despite the fact the Sox won ONE WS (for which I will always be greatful), Sox fans are acting the same way lately. Except us...Which is why I like posting here...


  1. I don't disagree with any of the points you made about Pats fans, but I'd just say: I think all fans (at least of successful teams) act like that. The average fan will never admit a game was handed to them (which the Chargers game was, multiple times), but will always be the first to point out when the opposite is true. Same goes with bad officiating - if you lose, it was all the ref's fault; if you win, the bad calls made no difference. Making the problem worse is all the crapass sportswriters out there - most are no smarter of more insightful than your average fan, but when fans see those things in print they feel it validates their thinking.

    I'm not so convinced the Colts will lose on Sunday (I'm hopeful though). But, barring a blowout (unlikely), I'm pretty sure the fans of the losing team will engage in a lot of whining.

  2. Also, LT's comments were fine, until he said it was Belichik's fault. That's just ridiculous, and smacks of sore-loser-ness. I can't stand it when someone tries to generalize something about an entire organization based upon the actions of just a few, in order to make themselves feel better (and yes, Sox fans do that about the Yankees all the friggin' time).

  3. Right...I think that LT made that comment based on the fact that Belichickadhaerihacna pushed someone after the Jets game. (Yes, Bill did apologize for it).

    I don't think it was right, but at that particular moment LT was lit up.

    That's when the crappy sportswriters pounce. Emotion is high and they want those quotes.

  4. I can rant when everything is rantlike too! I only hope JDD can stay healthy IF he becomes a member of our team, because if not, well......WMP fulltime?? In rightfield? No, please no!

  5. I can't speak to the average fan on the street, but to the national opinion and coverage that I observe, I think it is exactly what you would expect to see/hear from a dynasty.

    They do win. Every team makes mistakes (Brady threw 3 picks). But what we saw Sunday was a team that did not panic. Brady could not do crap most of the day, yet come the fourth quarter, they changed their formation, went to three wideouts and they went to work. Everyone "knew" they were going to march it in AND convert the 2 points.

    But every team needs some luck along the way to a championship. Fumbles, personal fouls, a ball bouncing into the stands for a ground rule double instead of ratting in the corner, Vanderjagt missing a field goal, a fan reaching over and catching a ball that goes for a HR. Shit happens. Every team needs breaks and it seems like the Pats have been getting them for the past 5-6 years.

    The celebration? I think they are both right a bit. LDT, STFU. The best way to stop them from celebrating would be to, well, win. All your sill comments about Marty telling you to act like you've been there would he know?

    And maybe the players went overboard a bit. But as GR points out, Merriman does his little dance. How is that less of a lack of respect?

    Lastly on Drew - "serious nitpicking." I like that. With tens of millions at stake. The most striking comment in there is the impact on his public image (already shaky) of dragging this out.

    In the end, I think (hope) he will be fine. I actually expect that he will end up the DL a couple times and maybe even have one or two seasons that are wipeouts. But I also expect that when he is in there (which will hopefully include the playoffs), they will mash. Remember Trot missed most of 2004, but was a big factor in a few of the playoff games.

  6. And one other bit of info that is not getting a lot of play – Merriman was interviewed on CBS during halftime of the Pats-Jets playoff game and Merriman made some comments about Brady - something along the lines of wanting to smash him in the mouth and a slightly disparaging comment about Brady wearing his T-shirts, I guess a reference to his SB Championships? And he said he thought the Jets would win that game (even though I think the Pats were up by 7 at the time). So bad blood started the week before.

  7. this relevant clip was posted over at deadspin today:

    (the language probably won't be suitable for your place of employment.)

    haters... when will they just stop hating? this guy will surely win some people over.