Sunday, January 07, 2007

May 28...

...Keith Foulke in Fenway, in an Indians uniform. I really hope the reception he gets is good. His 2005 season was atrocious (on and off the field), and 2006 wasn't much to write home about, but that 2004 postseason - holy crap. Some of the best moments of that month were with him on the mound, and not many pitchers (certainly none of the Sox relievers from the prevous five years) could've done what he did. Would be nice to see him have a great 2007.

(Sorry to bump the Loretta discussion. You can continue it here if you like.)

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  1. Yes, his run will be one of the best postseason runs in history. I hope he gets cheered. And then lit up for 4 runs. I don't think the Sox faithful will be that forgiving after all his Johnny from BK comments. And I bet it is more than 50% likely he says stupid on the eve of the series that will incite the fanbase.

    In other news, "Red Sox outfielder Coco Crisp is selling his 12-room home in Middleton for $1.7 million, less than he was first looking for, but about the same amount he plunked down for the manse after signing with the team last year."

    An interesting move fore someone with 3 years left on his contract. Conspiracy theorists will be fitting Andruw Jones for Sox Uniforms.