Thursday, January 18, 2007


Ok, yesterday was annoying...Today is boring.

I feel that it is my duty as an avid baseball fan to say that this past month has bored me to tears. Nothing has happened in baseball (even the HOF stuff) that is worthy of much discussion. Seriously, go check out some of the articles...An intriguing interview with Mike Lowell saying that Manny is a great hitter with ridiculous numbers. Another fascinating article about how the catchers struggled last year and will "try" to be better this year. And yet another captivating piece on Julio Lugo and Pedroia and how they are ready to rock.

Wow, it is just so quiet out there. Hell, even on my cell phone when I surf to sports, MLB is all the way down to #7! I think I saw water polo listed above it.

The good news? Only a few weeks until pitchers and catchers report...I am actually looking forward to watching some of the spring training games since a lot of young guys have a legit shot at playing time this year...

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