Saturday, January 13, 2007

A-Rod Contract update

A-rod must be pissed that another player is making $250 Million to also kick the ball around.


  1. I'm not sure if A-Rod know the difference between the two sports....except maybe for the color of the ball.....go Pats!

  2. We had discussed his worth earlier in the offseason and today we learn what Youk is worth. Based on the Overbay contract, $24MM over 4 years (buying out the last two arbitration). And based on the terms, that would mean about $7MM/year on the open market. Its almost a perfect match - Youk is two years younger, has about two years less service time, and they both hit for the same average, OBP, with Overbay having a bit more power.

    I'm guessing that Theo will look to get one, maybe two more years out of him and then trade him before the sox have to a) start paying him more than $4MM and b) locking him up for 4 years. With the sox resources, I'd rather pay double or triple $6-7MM and get a HUGE bat in return. Teixeira would be nice in about 2 years, although I'm sure NY will go after him hard.