Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lack of Posts

Can't concentrate on Sox right now...B's are in the Cup Finals.

I am going out on a limb and talking about something other analysts haven't. This series won't come down to the featured match-ups. It won't be the top line of Vancouver against the top D line of Boston. That will be great to watch without a doubt.

I think that this comes down to the third lines of each team. Why? Both teams are stacked on the top two lines. Boston I think has a slight advantage on line 2, but it isn't worth mentioning as Vancouver's second D-line is better.

But those third lines...This is where I think the B's get the edge. Seguin, Kelly, and Peverley (or Ryder). If these guys perform, the B's take this series.


  1. Is it terrible that I just finished watching my first period of hockey this year?

    I love how the talking heads were making this a US vs. Canada rematch from last year's Olympics.

    Um... both teams have Americans and Canadians, so how exactly is that going to work?

  2. Dude, its the mainstream media. They have to dumb it down to the lowest common denominator.

    Vancouver from Canada had Longo with a U as their goalie

    Boston from US had Thomas as their (backup) goalie

    Hence, its a rematch. Never mind that the best player on the USA team is a Canuck. And that arguably the Bruins most skilled player was on team Canada. Or that Thomas didn't actually play. Forget all that, its a rematch!

    I have a feeling this one is going 7. And something tells me Shawn Thornton will be in the lineup Saturday. F those dirty canucks.