Monday, May 23, 2011

Millwood to join the Sox?

Peter Gammons is reporting that Kevin Millwood has joined the Red Sox organization to help stem the tide as DiceBB and Lackey are sidelined on the DL.

Millwood is 36 and pitched 31 games last year for the Orioles with a 5.10 ERA.

Um... We honestly don't have anyone in AAA that is better?

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  1. I can’t get too excited about Millwood, but what I did hear was that he was throwing 81-83 in AA for the Yanks before he opted out of his minor league deal there. I’m guessing he never puts on a Sox uniform. Its just insurance in case Wake and/or Aceves can’t hold up before Lackey or Dice BB get back. Or even for that matter Felix Doubrant. But Wake and Aceves each were fine (or better in Wake’s case) in their first round through the rotation. Now Tito just needs to split them up so that he doesn’t have to worry about killing his pen if each of them makes consecutive short outings.

    Which leads me to the next one and the subject of the post below. I have no idea what Tito was doing with Albers on Saturday. Okay, maybe he had good stuff. Good stuff for a guy who didn’t get an out and walked in a run with back to back walks. But for crying out loud, you had the whole pen at your disposal, save Atchikinson. Atch did a great job Friday and closed out the game with three good innings, so that means, in theory, everyone was available. And while I’m all for giving Bard some rest before his arm falls off, they still had Morales, Wheeler and Hill all available and rested.