Sunday, May 15, 2011

Random thoughts on a Sunday night

Last night was a great night for Red Sox baseball, but it was also an interesting night for a bunch of reasons.

Here is what was significant about Sunday night:

1. Beckett's birth day
2. The night in 1941 when Lou Gehrig started his consecutive hits streak
3. The evening in 2003 that Fenway was first sold out to set the longest consecutive sell out streak
4. Jon Lester's 66th win, giving him the highest winning percentage among pitchers with at least 50 games
5. The night that Bobby Valentine confessed to the world that he was Billy Buckner's roommate in college. (Ok, so this wasn't THAT interesting but I did enjoy the Buckner references when ARod botched the play at third).


  1. As a Sox fan, it is a little embarrassing that there seems to be a bit of a celebratory mood in the air for reaching .500 at game 40.

    I was thinking a bit about the Sox this morning.

    I am glad they swept. Feels good.

    They also threw their best three pitchers.

    They also faced Garcia and Colon.

    I am concerned that they won't have an extended winning streak this year because of their other two starters. I am talking a 10-gamer.

  2. Good point Grieves. As much as I love Wakefield, he's just not as clutch as he once was. In addition, after last night it is clear that DiceK was just teasing us.

    One has to wonder about DiceK's ability to focus with such big swings in his performance. I worry that the maturity just isn't there for him to find a way to find his best every night he's on the mound.

    I don't see us stringing together 10 wins. I think the best we can hope for is a month of going 7 out of 10 on a consistent basis.