Thursday, July 03, 2008

Update on CC

Revisiting a previous post. Apparently, my prediction of C.C. coming to Boston was just WRONG.

Imagine that... IBID's prediction wrong?! Like that ever happens.


  1. Top of the 8th.. nice catch by Drew! Oh yeah... that was Lester's 86th pitch.

  2. Very nice win tonight. Lester has been the man of late. I think the Sox need to solve this bullpen issue. Myabe Clay starts saturday and Masterson can relieve? Although he has been prone to the long ball. Even on the first time through the lineup.

    We'll see what happens with CC. I'm sure he will be gone. CLE is done. The tribe will save $5MM in salary rest of the year and $5MM on signing bonuses by taking two already signed prospects instead of two picks.

    I agree sox are probably not in on CC, but I think some move will come. Bullpen help? Burnett from the Jays for Lowrie? Unless the Sox plan on dumping Lugo, Lowrie is definnitely trade bait at some point.

  3. Interesting thoughts on AJ.

    Delcarman just came up big against ARod....Hollid-A-Rod.

  4. I'm sure the Sox would be scared away on Burnett b/c of his crappy contract - he can opt out if he wants (i.e., pithces well), but if not then they owe him two more years and with his injury history, that could suck.

    On the plus side, his high ERA seems a bit strange. He strikes out a ton of batters. >1 per IP. He does not give up many HR. He's pitched well at Fenway and Yankee stadium. The walks are up this year, but who knows what that is related to.

    I"m sure they will focus on bullpen help with all the inconsistencies they have had.